Relationship Between Product and Audience

Published: 2021-09-29 11:15:10
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During the time I have spent contemplating how I could market myself to potential audiences, I have noticed, first off, that more potential audiences exist than I ever thought possible. Literally everyone that I pass while doing anything is a potential audience member. When marketing myself, I want to present my best self. I would aim to do that with every potential audience I encounter.
Relationship with Current Audiences
I could market myself to many current audiences. I could strike up conversation with people swimming on weekend days at the local pool, for one. These individuals are likely to like my characteristics such as my interest in swimming, my passion in life and my friendliness. I could also market myself to the people who work at the restaurants that I frequent, which includes the local Olive Garden and pizza chains. There are college students who work at these places, and college-aged individuals are very interested in finding friends. I feel these restaurant workers will appreciate my down-to-earth personality, my love of music and my knowledge of restaurant life since I worked as a hostess in the past. I could also market myself to the college students exercising on campus, because these students are even more likely to enjoy meeting like-minded individuals their own ages. They will enjoy my interest in physical fitness, my love of music and my ability to relate to them as college students. I could even market myself to people I see on the street when walking my dog, and they would enjoy my ability to relate to dog-owner life, as well as my friendly attitude and desire to have a healthy lifestyle for myself and my pet.In addition, I could market myself to my friends who I have personally seen are really into music, just like I am. I know at least five or six who I either go to school with or hang out with elsewhere regularly who are passionate about listening to their favorite songs. They already like my personality, but will also enjoy seeing my professional side as I capture their attention with my knowledgeable attitude and self-confidence. There is also the local gym, where I could market myself to other physically active people who might enjoy meeting a potential new friend. They will like my love of activity, my love of music and my upbeat demeanor. Finally, I could market the product to my family members who have always believed in me and know already that I would stand behind my own brand, then I would market to my co-workers, who do not yet know me too personally, but could still potentially enjoy getting to know me better on a personal and professional level. These groups of people will also already be acquainted with my personality, but will like my professionalism and faith in my brand, as well as the enthusiasm I will have for it.
Prospective Audiences and Potential Relationships
One prospective audience I would like to target would be online college students. I feel like it would be easier to gain audience members from a campus, where I can physically visit and interact, than it would be to target potential online customers. However, I could benefit from this audience because they are still college students, who I can relate to personally, and who could potentially have a mutually beneficial professional relationship with me and my brand. They could help me by spreading the word about me and my product(s), as well as by trying out my product(s) and writing honest reviews for others to read. I would also like to target young adults who might be thinking about going back to college or are currently trying to juggle other obligations as well as student life. I think these are audiences I can relate with on a meaningful level, and will therefore have an easier time marketing to. Finally, I’d like to target the audience of working-class adults in their twenties and early thirties. I feel as though I am better off marketing to audiences I have something in common with, so I would like to target these individuals as well because I truly feel like I could connect with them. According to one source, “Young adults (ages 18 to 29) are the most likely to use social media … 90% do” (Perrin 2015). For this reason, I definitely want to target this age group so that they will be more likely to spread the work about me and my brand through their social media channels. According to one source, “Social media, which include online channels for sharing and participating in a variety of activities, represent an increasingly important way for brands to communicate with attractive audience segments” (Murdough 2009). This will make the news pass from site to site, being viewed by dozens of eyes, sticking in the minds of many potential customers. I also want to target this age group because this group is social outside of the scope of the Internet as well. These individuals aged 18 to 29 like to frequent local pool halls, bars and hangouts where they can talk about my brand to whomever they happen to encounter. Finally, I think this age group would put trust in my brand, knowing that I am a student myself who has struggled. I believe I would be somebody that college students and recent graduates would have an open mind for, and I think they would actually listen to what I have to say.
I think what my prospective audiences can gain from me would have much to do with my unique perspective. I am always trying to look for good in people and situations, even when others would find it difficult to see the silver lining or the lesson learned. I have enduring faith that things will happen as they are meant to, and that everyone has a specific, special purpose. I feel like I can not only relate to my potential audiences, but that I can also inspire them. I feel like they could potentially learn from my success, and with any success I have, I would indeed like to share my methods and assist other in seeing positive aspects of life. I feel I could also learn a lot of valuable tips and information from my own audience, though, and I even feel that a mutually beneficial relationship like this will result in overall good business.
Benefits and Limitations
I feel as though I can match both my current audiences as well as my prospective audiences because I am a college student myself. I feel like I can relate to everyone, from the workers at my local pizzeria to the potential online students I want to reach. However, I cannot relate to everyone on just any level. I relate in terms of being a student and trying to juggle other responsibilities with student life, but I may not be able to relate to someone who works in a field other than the one I am in, for instance. A prospective online audience member may, for instance, be going for a degree in psychology, whereas I would be in a different industry. I also cannot relate to those who cannot seem to stick to their goals, nor the students who do not care much about their studies. I also cannot relate to people who have yet to decide on a major, and this may cover several if not many of my potential audience members. Even though I feel I cannot relate on some levels to all my audience members, I think I could be heard by them all, and I would certainly try my best to connect with every one.
One Self-improvement recommendation for marketing myself include listening to testimonies by the types of students I cannot relate to, and coming to understand their situations so that I can at least empathize with them and connect with them personally. Another would be to market myself to more places in my own community, such as churches and various gatherings that happen on weekends or special occasions. There are probably hundreds of potential customers here, so this is a strong recommendation. I would also want to build more of on online presence, and be posting across various social media platforms, so that I may reach my prospective online customers and a wider audience at the same time.
In summary, I believe I would be good at marketing myself. I think that my friendly, approachable demeanor and my positive outlook make me worthy of good conversation, which is often the beginning of a positive working relationship. I believe I would have positive results when attempting to market myself to on-campus and online college students. This is because I can relate to most of them, and those I cannot relate to, I want to understand and know better. I feel like I am prepared to market myself and the brand(s) in which I believe.

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