Religion Impacts American Society: from Religious Concepts Inserted in Laws to Discrimination on Religious Beliefs

Published: 2021-09-24 02:15:09
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From the many topics that have been gone through, turns out that Culture Wars seemed to be pretty interesting, to say the least, and not just the health-care crisis that still goes on at times. Since the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment, where the people had the right to choose their religion in the United States and not get forced into any type of religion. However, there has been also a Christian war for their religious privileges that’s also relevant to modern society, and as a line of defense against moderate.
According to the book America: A Concise History, divisive rights issues increasingly came throughout the Supreme Court even though the First Amendment was around. Abortion, however, became a different issue in a different way both modern and religiously. On the other hand, Supreme Court became a bigger issue for those factors simultaneously nonetheless, which then refers to a 24 hour waiting period before an abortion ever since the Pennsylvania vs. Casey case in 1992.One interesting fact is how Christianity commonly argued or assumed that factors like the Ten Commandments are hostile towards the religion. Therefore, Christians have also been fighting for their rights and privileges on different public grounds such as schools. It has also been argued that religion and its preferences of the greatest for more than the religious equality of the minority. The entire religion is not fragile, but the entire time it’s more for their own good and for their religious rights that are also related to modern society as well.
Another interesting fact is about politics, such as the Election of 2016 and the responses made by other religions. Of course, there are different beliefs and/or more of a privileged status for the selection of the new president instead of prayer. There’s also a more need not only for the people but the people’s choice regardless, as well as a consideration at times.
Finally, after reading through the site, Christianity’s version of privileges is pretty interesting and complex. For the majority rule for example, if Christians would want to shape the environment or institution, that is for them to express their religion values and their privileges on their behalf. Except that in a liberal democracy, where more of their rights are protected nonetheless, Christians do not resort to voting than whites can. Equal or gay rights, however, are by implication and some forms of debate instead.
An interesting person is Stephen Carter after publishing his works known as “The Culture of Disbelief: How American Law and Politics Trivialize Religious Devotion.” This mainly challenged and argued about religious differences and interests compared to both society and the modern world that involves politics. As of today, Carter is a law professor at Yale University and graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in History in 1976. Carter’s latest book is: “The Violence of Peace: America’s Wars in the Age of Obama”, published in 2011. Carter has many insights of the nation about politics and the system that also involves the Supreme Court and other factors, thus comparing them to religion simultaneously.
In conclusion, it’s actually pretty clear that in modern society is actually arguing and debating on beliefs on how we the people exist as well, which is basically between Christianity-related and Scientology and not just about politics as well. Though, other people have their own beliefs and whatnot, sometimes it is difficult to accept some facts, especially since everybody wants to live with their beliefs. However, it is in due time that Christianity will also surface this world regardless due to their privileges, rights, and the
righteousness towards the end. Though with many great things as before, they all take long periods of time in order for different functions to work properly.

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