Removing Carbon Emissions from the Atmosphere with LED Lights

Published: 2021-09-10 10:45:09
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Removing carbon emissions from the atmosphere is almost an impossible task with the rise of a technologically dependent population. However, our ability to reduce carbon emissions is possible and could be achieved by implementing several strategies at the individual and governmental (political) level. In this paper, I will argue several strategies that have been proven to be effective at reducing carbon emissions and in promoting the battle against global warming while highlighting the effected parties of the proposed strategies. Globally, individuals must be concerned about air pollution and global climate change which is contributing to the deterioration of our earth caused by vehicle exhausts. Combustion engines contribute to greenhouse gas accumulation in the atmosphere. There are many climate researchers who support the view that emissions of heat trapping gases into the atmosphere, particularly CO2, from the combustion of fossil fuel, cause global warming and other climate issues (Heathman, 2016).
The replacement of fossil fuels used in cars with other alternative energy technologies may help reduce the amount of Carbon in the atmosphere. For example, Hydrogen fuel cells are an optimal proposed energy technology that produces only electricity and water vapor. It is established that hybrid electric vehicles harvest lower amounts of CO2 than cars that run of fossil fuels because they use smaller engines and therefore require less power that is normally produced by bigger engines. Other alternatives include the use of Bio-diesel as compared to petroleum. It has potential to reduce tailpipe emissions and may be more suitable for sensitive environments. The most outstanding advantage of bio-diesel is that it is quite similar to conventional diesel fuel. Therefore, it can be used directly in common diesel engines (Heathman, 2016).While substituting petroleum with another energy source such as bio-diesel may be a good alternative at reducing carbon emissions, adopting a vehicle-free lifestyle is a much better solution. The fewer vehicles on the highway, the fewer pollutants emitted to the air. This could be supported by introducing a Bus Transit System and promoting the use of transit systems as compared to cars which helps in reducing the number of vehicles on the roads. To make it a widely acceptable approach, as it is inconvenient for individuals who own a car and are used to traveling by car to work etc., governments must implement a cheap cost for public transit to promote it based on financial and ecological factors. Another highly effective method of reducing carbon emissions that can be adopted at an individual level as compared to using biodiesel or a transit system which requires the initial initiative to evolve from a corporation and governmental level is the use of LED lights. While many may see it as a personal inconvenience to use LED light bulbs that are a bit more expensive than normal light bulbs, LED bulbs have shown positive signs in the ecological battle of reducing the carbon foot print.
In 2017 a study showed that LED bulbs reduced 570 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions (Spaen, 2018). LED Bulbs can be a good replacement for the majority of business and residential buildings. For home use, they can offer lighting at a much cheaper price than just a few years ago. However, these bulbs are still not as cheap as the traditional version and need to be used properly to max out the benefits which we hope is dealt with in order to effectively promote the adoption of LED in homes for every day use. Since LED’s don’t need much power, they are a great alternative at reducing carbon emissions from the atmosphere. While LED bulbs may cost a buck or two, adopting their use as compared to traditional bulbs in our lifestyle could prove to save the future of our earth and we must take initiative to start implementing an ecologically- pro personal actions.

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