Report on Sunterra Field Students Trip

Published: 2021-09-29 20:55:09
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A trip through triumph, which took place on Tuesday, September 26th, gave students insight into a thriving marketplace and niche-oriented company called Sunterra. Students explored three locations in Calgary, two of which were inside the grand Bankers Hall. At two locations, the history and ideas behind Sunterra were shared. This information was very interesting, and the people who shared it were very passionate about the products that Sunterra had to offer. Later in the trip, a presentation about the farm as well as the extensiveness of the company was given. Students had a chance to sample food, view the eye-appealing presentation of the markets and perhaps most importantly, become inspired.
Strong introduction – any mention of the last two stops? The Price family originally owned a small hog operation in Acme, Alberta. The family was driven by the need to increase profitability, leading them to invest in breeding hogs from British producers. They created Pig Improvement Canada, a company focusing on the production of leaner hogs, with increased health merits. These traits did not decrease the quality or flavor of the pork. The Price family wanted to have complete control over, and input into their product, which brought about the purchase of Trochu Meat Processors in 1989. The final step of the Price family’s marketing strategy would be to open their first Sunterra Market in Calgary. By doing this they ensured that their products would continuously be available to customers, and the quality of the product could be marketed to its full potential. The Sunterra tour was a remarkable and memorable tour with many intriguing aspects. Going into Bankers Hall was an incredible experience because the group was able to see how effective the location was. With the market placed where it is, Sunterra can sell directly to where the people are, instead of people coming to them. It was interesting seeing the contrast between the Olds College students and the lawyers and bankers and how the Sunterra Market connected them through their products. Talking with the owners and sampling food was also memorable because you could taste the quality and the passion that was put into the food. The managers at the Sunterra Markets stress the importance of making sure the employees are happy while they are working because their attitudes directly affect the quality of the food. What impressed this group the most about Sunterra and the Price family was their care for the consumer and for local farmers. Sunterra bases their business around the consumer, focusing on their needs. Also, since Sunterra started as a small farm, they know how to take care of the needs of the local farmers. Another impressive achievement accomplished by the Price’s business was the importance of good quality food at competitive prices. With Sunterra, both the farmers and consumers are happy.
Sunterra’s secret to success is the way they have diversified and combined different aspects into one company. “We are successful because we have complete control over many stages of the production cycle,” said Glen. This success is evident in the manner in which the company controls the distribution of their products from farm to table. Supplying customers with quality products is one of the things that makes them successful but it is also their honesty and flexibility that keeps customers coming back. Taking risks is what has progressed their business, although not all risks ended up being beneficial. Ranchers Bbeef would be an example of a risk that wasn’t financially beneficial, but they learned many valuable lessons. In bringing back methods from Europe, Sunterra strives to get the customer into the store daily, allowing them to receive the highest quality of produce. Understanding the Price family’s keys to success helps students to focus on the goals they wish to achieve within the Agricultural Management program. Sunterra faced many challenges during the initial stages of its production and market operations. To counteract these challenges, the company worked to create a niche for itself in which it would always be desirable, and therefore profitable. In the same way, students can use this knowledge to plan their own futures not only in education but within the agricultural industry. If students are able to create and achieve short- term goals that they have set for themselves, they are much more likely to attain the final result that they desire. The challenges that this group, as well as their classmates face are also gateways for opportunity. They can use acquired knowledge pertaining to weighing risks and business potential, furthering their ability to prosper in the sectors that they choose.
Where is the discussion with respect to lessons learned?
The tour could have spent some more time on sampling all of the amazing food in the market. It would have been nice to get a more in- depth tour of the hog farm and to be able to step inside the finishing barn, but with the biosecurity measures it’s understandable how that wouldn’t be possible with the amount of students. Being able to see the inside of Harmony Beef would have been interesting too, but perhaps not everyone would have been able to stomach the sights. Besides the shortage of free samples, the tour included everything from exploring around the stores to learning how the business works.
In conclusion, the Sunterra field trip taught the students many aspects of how to be successful in agriculture. The Price family is a perfect example of how a small farm can become a multimillion dollar company through smart business choices and dedication. Their knowledge and passion for agriculture is the main factors that lead them to success. Students learned that you have to think outside the box and take risks in order to see a change in your business. Dedication to the customer is what keeps people coming back to the Sunterra Market. With their “farm to table” aspect and also stocking imported goods they have found a perfect balance to make any customer happy.

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