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Published: 2021-09-29 13:50:07
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What is human psychology? According to Oxford dictionary, human psychology is “the branch of psychology concerned with the study of the human mind; (in later use also) the psychological outlook or mental characteristics of humans”(Human Psychology). Fielding explores psychological perspective within the mind of the characters especially Joseph. The cue’s being given in the novel where human characteristics are being analyzed gives the question at hand, evidence. There are many examples of human psychology that Fielding gives us, one especially is the understanding of reaction. In this essay, there will be evidence given to prove that Fielding did indeed add psychological messages.The modern novel that is Joseph Andrews represents the human mind in its purest form.
Joseph Andrews is the main character of the story. As the novel unfolds and comes full circle, it is obvious to see that Joseph comes full circle as well. Joseph shows that he has mannerisms that really seem to affect other people. The human characteristics within Joseph really show the other characteristics of the other characters. An example of Joseph’s personal choices that make the other characters react is the fact that he wants to keep his virtue. Joseph wants to be chaste despite all of the influences around him. Lady Booby is one of the big reactors to Joseph’s chastity.She would send him advances that would obviously make him uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that he sent a letter to his Sister saying that he didn’t want to work for her anymore. “Lady booby would lean on his arm while they walked through Hyde-park, whenever she would get out of her coach she would take his hand, she would have him come to her bedside to relay messages”(Fielding, et al.). Despite all the attempted seductions, Joseph still strays away from temptation and Lady Booby was confused as to why. Lady Booby is used to being understood, this stems from her status in society. She believes things should be given to her, so when she has to work for it she gets upset. When Lady Booby’s husband dies, she reacts in a way that seems like she is gaining her independence back, an example of this is when she invites Joseph into her bedroom. “She then raised herself a little in her Bed, and discovered one the whitest Necks that ever was seen; at which Joseph blushed”(Fielding, et al.).These examples from the text are ways humans react to different situations based on their mental state, morals, problems and their pasts.Morality is a big theme in the Novel Joseph Andrews. A person’s belief system, in general, is a huge part of the human psyche. Parson Adams belief system is what keeps him grounded. His hope for mankind is truly intentional. A charitable action is important to him, he feels as though this is truly the way to be a good person. Adams sermons are very important to him as well as spreading the gospel to those around him. In the text where Adams goes to Parson Trulliber’s home to eventually ask for some money, we are able to see a true story of greediness. This is where Adams believes that Trulliber is not Christian whats so ever. A true Christian would help someone in need, and Trulliber did the opposite. An ironic twist to the story is a poor peddler was actually able to help Parson Adams and the others (Fielding,et al.).This is true charity and goes hand in hand with types of human characteristics based on morals.
Psychological perspective of vanity goes throughout the novel. Beginning from Lady Booby to Leonora and Bellarmine. Vanity is usually not a great attribute to hold to oneself. Beauty only goes skin deep or you will lose your physical beauty when you age. The theme of vanity is prominent in the text, Leonora leaves Horatio for another man because simply he seems worthier and more Frenchy-er. However, Bellarmine then doesn’t want Leonora because of a money dispute with Leonora’s father. Both characters are extremely vain. Vanity seems to be an analyzed characteristic in the novel, as many of the other characters fall into this category. Returning to Lady Booby’s actions, her sense of vanity also comes from her status like Leonora. Their plot in society plays a major role in their own actions and why they do the things they do. As mentioned Joseph is a handsome man, he attracts many women. However, Joseph doesn’t realize his own beauty as he cares much more about his personal development which is an important part of the novel.
Arriving at the end of the novel, we are able to get the sense that Joseph is much more mature than when he started. An example of this is when his name changes from Joey to Joseph. In the end, Joseph realizes the actions and reactions of everyone around him. This right here is a perfect example of the mind and how it works. He realizes the vain personalities, the ones who truly want to do good, like Adams. He realizes his love for Fanny, and how he saved himself for her and just her.He forgave the actions of others and swept off the haste reactions of Lady Booby. Henry Fielding gave us a text, to pick apart like the characters were doing to each other in the novel. The novel that it Joseph Andrews is a novel of human reaction. Each character is the way they are because they know, no difference, some think they are better than others, and some see themselves as just a part of the world. The era that this novel is based on shows great examples of people would have acted and still act to this day. We have the greedy fellow, who hides behind his religious views just to make himself feel better. There is the handsome young man who doesn’t see his own beauty because beauty simply isn’t the most important thing. There are the young and the older woman who are as vain as anyone can get and expect everything on a silver platter. The humans in this modern novel are simply human, and they strikingly show this by their simple human characteristics that naturally come from the human mind.

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