Review of "Single, Female, Mormon, Alone," by Nicole Hardy

Published: 2021-09-29 23:15:08
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“Single, Female, Mormon, Alone,” by Nicole Hardy is a piece that focuses on the author’s exploration and venture outside of her religion.
Hardy is a single woman late in her 30s, and a part of the Mormon religion, who struggles to find fulfillment in her life without companionship. As a part of the Mormon culture, men are always seen as being providers of the family, yet without anything to be provided for, Hardy has had difficulty finding a bride. This left her a virgin until her late 30s, and in question of the world outside of Mormon faith. Hardy always had a desire for fulfillment and emotional happiness, yet she kept looking back to Mormon faith hoping it would finally give back to her. Without the Mormon community ever giving back though, Hardy decision to defy the religious code opened her eyes to the outside world. Hardy prefers and admires the community outside of the Mormons’ but uses her faith as a cover up for her difficulty with change. Throughout the piece Hardy references her desire for worldly pleasure, but because of her “obligation to religion”, refrains from exploring it. The binding of two individuals for a purpose other than that of providing for one another is a tremendous idea Hardy reinforces. An example of this is in her conversation with another Mormon man where she says, “’What of love’ I asked. What of intimacy and partnership and making a run at the world together?’”. This immediately shows that she indeed does aspire for a life of higher self-contentment than Mormon life provides. Even after Hardy experiences the connection to the world outside the Mormon community, from her first act of rebellion, she still is hesitant to continue venturing “out into the light.” All she has known her whole life is God being the sole provider of ones needs, so she refuses to question that belief. However, this indefinitely becomes the reason for her misery. Instead of following her heart, Hardy for the longest time followed her head and all the cultural rules hammered into her since childhood. This reasons that she solely is preventing herself from self-fulfillment, and the change has been made unattainable due to her hesitancy. Relying on the fact God has provided everything for her except love also becomes a prevalent excuse for Hardy’s timid change.
Faith has always proven to reap all the needs, and many wants of Hardy, so she refuses to believe that he will fail her now. She states this when describing her belief of God’s wishes for others: “I’m just unwilling to believe that’s what God wants for anyone, and was unwilling to continue spiraling further into a disconnected life, feeling abandoned, being discounted’. Here, she nearly admits that God in this area of her life has truly has not provided for what she yearns for. Despite how much Hardy has been supported through God’s gifts, there remains an empty hole in her life. The hole however is one which she knows how to fill, yet consciously chooses not to because of her indecision to change. This solidifies the idea that Hardy uses her religion as an excuse for change as she believes that once she does explore outside her faith, God may not continue providing for her. Ultimately, Hardy abstaining herself from self-fulfillment by using her religion as a tool to excuse her hesitancy to change is the focus of this article. The juxtaposition of her upbringing, in a Mormon household, and her lifestyle choice, of independence and self-sustainment, was strange, but also became a reason as to her search of fulfillment.
Without Hardy’s independence and stray from traditional reliance on the male’s role she may never have defied Mormon principles and outreached to the rest of the world. This is often displayed in the real world too, with those in religious groups like the Amish or Muslims having a limited outlook on life, then to undergo a similar eye-opening experience as Hardy. This rests as a problem within society, as many, like those in religious groups, are in search or covet the “outside world.” However, plenty of times they are withheld from this destination for the same reasons as Hardy; hesitation to stray from religion and using it as a tool not to change. Nevertheless, with people and friends surrounding Hardy and those in similar situations, who are of a supporting role to her, they can walk into the light without being blinded, and finally find complacency.

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