Revolutionizing the Digital Asset Market with Konios

Published: 2021-09-13 08:40:09
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Keeping safe transactions at a low cost has being a very difficult task for existing crypto trading platforms. Although they run a decentralized type of operations, they still charge high transaction fees and there is no proper security of all the transactions done. Through many of these existing trading platforms, users have become victims of scammers activities and some have irretrievably lost their transaction details due to one fault or the other in these systems. However, crypto users deserves a safe platform where conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat currency and vice versa can be made possible at the least possible charge, and in a safest possible ecosystem. To make this possible, KONIOS project is introduced.
This is an entirely different crypto trading platform with the safest and easiest exchange function. It helps users and professional crypto investors to turn their money into cryptocurrency and to convert various types of cryptocurrencies back into the fiat currency. Konios platform is in charge of securing a distributed global uniform exchange and has a vision to extend or increase the sphere of the crypto community with its perfect activities. It opens a new opportunity for all new crypto users without any knowledge about trading to easily follow its easy layout steps to achieve successful trading in the crypto community. One of the profound benefit its brings is the easy to use platform, which it designed to carry everyone along and ensure a perfect trading of assets.THE MAIN FEATURES OF THIS PROJECT
This project is made to focus on the buying and selling of the diverse kinds of digital assets for the normal fiat currency. This is made possible using a face to face technology (F2F), with this at work, the conducted buying and selling of digital assets will be very safe and fast with no delay in the transactions. All this processes can be achieved on all smartphone and other mobile devices. Furthermore, this ecosystem has the function of making the entire operations done on the crypto community available and easy to access by an average crypto user. For this system to maintain a secured transactions and a low fees charge, it leverages the blockchain technology and with this it can register all the entire transactions of users and other locally performed activities. This project represents the basis for the use of all other cryptocurrencies, and a way for users to avoid the payment of the chain fees for using other cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, smart contract are employed by this project to monitor all the transactions and all other important processes that will be difficult to monitor if smart contracts are not used.
This project will represent the best crypto projects for the buying and selling of all kinds of digital assets once it is launched. It would coordinate safe transactions and bring about easy conversion of digital assets.
The token name is KON token. Its ICO commenced on the 1st of may 2018 and going to last for 60days.
Token price; 1 KON token = $0.01 USD.
Payment is done using Bitcoin, Ethereun, USD, CHF, RMB, EUR, KRW and GBP and to be paid via wallet transfer or bank.
Early supporters will have a share of 4% of the KON tokens and will recieve airdrop as they register with the company.

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