Ripple (xrp) and Sec Verdict

Published: 2021-09-12 00:35:11
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Whether you love or hate Ripple (XRP) has a way of keeping you expecting for surprises. The recent Coinbase refusal to list the coin seems to have given it the momentum to push harder into the market. It is becoming clear that crypto is not all about the American market. The refusal was enough publicity to showcase the opportunities lying unexploited behind Ripple. The technology is good enough to push the third valuable digital asset to the next level. After all the coin is all about empowering users to have unlimited access to instant cross border payments. The coin has been pulling surprises in the last few months.
Ripple (XRP) set to get a new Wallet Provider
Apart from the Coinbase dashed hope, Ripple is spoiled for choices. According to a tweet from Pavel Matveev, the Wirex CEO, Ripple is set to be added their wallet. This, the CEO says, could come sooner than expected and this will give XRP additional boost in the market. Wirex came into the limelight after it inked a deal to support SBI Holdings, a Ripple partner of repute. The Wirex deal will only mean one thing to XRP, increased adoption and price stability. The increased interest and converting adorers into adopters is what Ripple is looking for and the coin has been scoring highly. The wallet provider has a huge subscriber base and offering XRP in its coin and token portfolio is a big plus for XRP in terms of global visibility.Latest Poll Shows XRP is a Winning Outfit
According to the latest Weiss poll rating survey, Ripple has emerged the winner of the best coin to move across major cryptocurrency exchanges. Simply put, the poll showed XRP as the natural coin when it comes to moving digital to other exchanges and across the borders. This was a Twitter based poll that saw a total of 7,598 participants take part and Ripple scored 78% with Ethereum second with 8%, Bitcoin at 6% and “others” at 8%.
Weiss is a respected pollster and the results are reflective of what Ripple enthusiasts believe in and have experienced. The firm has conducted credible polls for digital coins, stocks, Insurance and banking establishments in the past. The recent poll comes days after CNBC Fast Money conducted theirs to find out whether they needed XRP on Coinbase in a poll pitting XLM, ZEC, ADA and BAT. Ripple came tops with 34% with ZEC scoring 30%, XLM 25% and ADA was at 11%. These two polls shows that XRP is headed for a bull run and it is not about to be stopped. The coin has massive support and investors still have confidence in the networks products and security level. The potential is not about which exchange XRP is supporting it but the tech behind the system.
Ripple (XRP) Coping With Turbulence Crypto Verse
The connection between XRP and Ripple has always been taken advantage of especially by those opposed to XRP governance that has put the SEC on high alert as to where the coin gets listed. However, whether these are market politics or not, the digital asset user is more informed but the best coins in the market than a year ago; they are now making informed decisions and Ripple is becoming heir natural choice. Despite the current stand-off between the SEC and Ripple, XRP might pull a surprise move that might jeopardize the future of the regulating body by exposing its credibility. At the moment, adopters coming onboard the XRP bandwagon are genuine ones and are not staking on it for sympathy; they now know what the coin holds in the future.

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