Roku - an Extremely Famous Device

Published: 2021-09-12 00:15:08
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Do you know someone who is keen to watching streaming videos and do not use Roku streaming player? Well, I am hundred percent sure that there is no one. Nowadays, Roku is an extremely famous device through which you can watch lots of content including movies, news, weather forecast, videos, music, and so on. This device is widely used among people of all age groups across the globe. But, in order to extract the most out of it, you need to be more attentive toward its maintenance because, being an electronic device it may suffer by various technical or mechanical faults which can only be resolved either by taking Roku online help or by following troubleshooting steps.
Although, a user can face number of issues with their Roku device but the most frustrating is how to find the Roku IP address without remote. Fear not! In this blog, we are going to discuss how to resolve with such issue in a hassle-free manner. So, without wasting much of your time I am going to start it.Follow these steps to fix this issue:
Step1: The very first step you can do is, download the Roku mobile app on your device and create a Roku setup on your smartphone. This will turn your mobile device into your streamer’s remote control.
Step2: After launching this app you will get a Roku screening device which act as an interface between your mobile device and your big screen.
Step3: Make sure that your Roku streaming device and your mobile phone are not connected with the same network.
Step4: The Roku device has a public IP address, which you can find out with the help of your mobile device. For this, go to Settings> Roku device Network. This is one of the most common way by which you can find out where to install the router. Now, install the router, manage it and then check for the IP with the help of your ISP providers.
Step5: Are you still facing the IP related issue? There is discover screen at the bottom of your mobile app, connect it manually and fill the IP address of your Roku streaming player. Now you can easily find the Roku address by going the Setting page and then Router.
This is a simple process through which you can get your Roku’s IP address. If you are dealing with some other Roku issue such as network connectivity issue, screen freezing, downloading error, Roku setup and installation issue, etc. then taking a help from any reliable support team is definitely the best bet for you.

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