Rooms Division Operations Management

Published: 2021-09-13 10:15:08
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Accommodation department
Provide both short period of accommodation and long period of accommodation. Another hospitality firm such as motels, holiday inns, offer customers a cheaper alternative price. The accommodation department will also complete the work procedures of implementing. It also offers good living atmosphere for their customers. It is also responsible for taking care of other guests’ requests, like if they want to have some preference material, we will provide them as long as we have the object.
Front office department
It offers prepaid, telephone or personal booking services for hotels. In some special cases, we offer discounts for tariffs or even discount or free room upgrades are also provided and managed. The front desk also provides different methods of paying services and provides bills to customers in different ways. They also offer special services such as cars pick-up from and to hotel and the airport. University campus
The front desk department provides room allocation, billing or rental services to make sure that reach the compliance with the campus regulations, accumulate the information from students and more. The accommodation department offers housekeeping services and watch out of that no harmful substances, drugs or so will be existed and used.
Backpacker Hostel
Services provided at the front desk encompass room allocation; managing bookings, providing information, providing discounts to guests etc. The services department that they provided include providing more beds or sheets or blankets, room cleaning, cooking and washing areas, or hire a mechanic to fix some leaks.
The main roles and responsibilities of the main positions of accommodation and reception employees are:
Accommodation staff: These kind of staff can be easily divided into two categories, housework and engineering, where diversity of roles and responsibilities are:
Housekeeping staff: They are mainly responsible for the cleaning of the hotel. The Golden Leaf’s room service staff, they are not only tiding up and make rooms to be cleaned, but also ensures that the hotel’s kitchen, dining area and so are clean and tidy. Their duties are also including keep the storage area clean and ready the foods item be needed at any time. The role and responsibility of the staff is also providing guests with every necessary items in the washroom. They also have to in charge for the provision of laundry services to guests.
Engineering staff: They have two main groups of roles and responsibilities; First, they have to meet the daily electricity needs of the hotel, such as electricity, and air conditioning and so on. Second is other responsibilities includes other major tasks, such as repair plumbs or fixing something.
Reception staff: Front desk is the main roles throughout the reception staff, while mail, information, concierge service and doorbell service are also included. The concierge staff needs to open the door at any time to allow people to enter and exit the hotel, the employees from bell service are in charge of ordinary operational activities. The front desk staff is the necessity part in the reception area, it is because they need to responsible every requests from the visitors. They need help customers to check in and check out. Other roles and responsibilities encompass welcoming guests by greeting them, meeting their needs, answering and receiving calls, administrative work, customer relationship management, and collecting payments from customers.
Legal and statutory requirements:
Health and Safety: Applicable to standard health and safety laws. In addition, a non-smoking area is required throughout the hotel. Disable toilet and the entrance to elevators should be applied into the hotel for handicap people. Ensure the hygiene in guests’ rooms and restaurants in the hotel. Fire extinguisher should be placed in an easy to see spot.
Data protection: Ensure every information related to guests must be kept in secret, cannot be leaked to another person or another association, strict computer security to protect data should be applied to the hotel.
Hazardous substances: Every dangerous items that can cause fire or damage people exterior or interior should be put away for a special room or prohibition for guests to bring these items above into the hotel.
Price tariff and display: every photos and price that displayed on the internet for browsing and the details must be real and not to mislead people.
Services provided by rooms division in hospitality industry:
Business Hotel: Mainly for business customers, centrally located. Room amenities include free newspaper, Wi-Fi internet access and complimentary morning coffee. Accommodation services like high quality of the room service, online reservation, regular cleaning services and more. There are usually 100 or more rooms.
Motels: They usually offer limited services and reservations on a first come, first served criteria. there will be no good front desk service and room service, the luggage rack is usually bot be included in their service. They usually have 10-40 rooms, close to the highway or airport.
Airport hotel – they are near the airport. Pricing can be reasonable or luxurious. These hotels are suitable for overnight stays or guests who must check in to cancel the flight. Some are also charged hourly. These hotels usually offer a free shuttle bus service between the hotel and the airport.
Extended Stay Hotels – These hotels include services such as kitchen and living room as well as bedrooms. They cater to those who usually live in the hotel for a week or more. These hotels may not have food provision or laundry services.
Resorts and casino hotels – they are usually in the luxury industry. The hotel is situated in an exotic area, such as beaches, mountains, and offers many leisure services such as hiking, golfing, skiing, etc., and offers guests a place to enjoy. The main service of a casino hotel is gambling. They have the best quality of foods and drinks.
The importance of front house area to be an effectiveness management:
The front of the housing area: This area is the vital part for the hotel, and it is one of the most effective for management as the façade of the hotel is decided by its maintenance and development. Why it is so significant is that because it leaves guests a good first impression and the layout might increase their loyalty of coming back again. Create an atmosphere in front of the house area including the central heating and the lights, or even an unnecessary decoration like flowers or plants, they will leave out a major influence on guests.
Accommodation services: This service is also one of the vital part and create effective management within the hotel as they are responsible for all the functioning of the hotel. For example, making sure they have sufficient spaces, and ventilation, and other relevant factors are provided thoroughly to guests. Their duties are not only ensuring customers’ relaxation like special services such as fabrics, renewing furniture etc. They also help to make the hotel become more friendly, customer-oriented and enjoyable. If they also offer the entrance of diverse amenities also bring to the efficiency and simplicity of overall hotel management.
Key aspects of planning and management of the front of house area would be:
Front of house area
Business Plan: This is a prominent planning way that make sure the efficiency on the plans development in various segments.
Use of technology: Technology must be properly managed in diverse services and the way of managing hospitality must reach greater success, effectively and precisely.
Operational Restrictions: The front of house area has to assess and devastate operational restrictions within the hotel.
Pricing: Pricing is also a good way of planning in the front of house area due to the prices need to be considered based on diverse elements and must upgrade day to day.
Operational issue:
Human Resources: A lack of effective management to all the staffs and employees can leave a bad, poor service offering to guest by human resource management. Housekeeping and other notable service that provided by the accommodation department will also have a significant operational issue in holding employees to ensure the staffs can give their best shot to the customers by providing excellent services.
Quality: Quality management is a necessity and a vital part for hotels because customers are paying for the products’ quality and the services, if bad quality is provided, it can lose a lot of customers and also lose its reputation.
Financial Management: the front of the housing area is charge of all the checks from all the guests, it is important to ensure that the proliferation of all the income paid by guests or sponsors. It is also important for the accommodation services department to make sure that the costs incurred continue to decline in order to make the profits reach the maximisation. Achieving the effectiveness of cost and providing high quality of items will be the duty of the accommodation services to solve this operational problem.
Marketing and sales: This is the most tremendous operational issues that will influence the front house area. It is because it manages tariffs, hotel rooms occupancy rates, marketing and sales account for a large percentage because occupancy rates will benefit their revenue. While the accommodation services department responsibility is to help the marketing and sales to make sure that every day has a full 100% room occupancy rate in the hotel.

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