Seeding the Future: Positive Impact of Farming on Students

Published: 2021-09-11 20:55:08
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Every generation has its own negative and positive sides. In today’s children have a big negative effect that is life separated from nature, which is a conflict with the human being. In big cities, there are little green areas and these are far away from the city center so children cannot reach them easily. Moreover, they do not have much time for nature as they have to go to school or do homework but we can provide a good opportunity in their schools where they spend their most of the time. Farming in school is a good way to create a different experience. There are two benefits of children farming in school gardens.
To begin with, the farming in school gardens may help students in their personal development. First of all, it strengthens social relationships. Children have not much idea about patience because they have easy access anything thanks to the internet but farming teaches patience to them. For example, when they try to grow seeds, they need to wait, water it patiently as it does not grow up in a minute. Learning patience can help them in their working and private life. It raises ability for empathy to living things. When children interest in plants and see their needs such as sun and water just like humans, they understand that they are alive like us so it will help them in their relationships in terms of putting themselves in someone’s place. Secondly, it also facilitates the adaptation of individuals in society in a working life. It encourages to participate in the production. They produce fruits and vegetables then they realize that they can do it, produce what you eat. When they start working, they will be willing to produce things, which is a way desirable aspect of working life, as they know it feels good. Furthermore, it improves team working skills as they will do it as a group in the garden. They discover division of labor, find their position as an individual in the group and learn how they should treat people. When it comes to working life they always are one step ahead as School farming helps to grow mentally and physically healthy individuals. Firstly, it supports mental development. It gives chance to recognize the diversity of children’s surroundings. Every plant, which they try to raise, has its own seed, sunbathing time, watering frequency, soil, and color.
Students will notice the diversity of the world. In other words, they see that everything has its own characteristic and that there are different things happening around them at any moment. These observations will help their development in terms of ability to recognize the details and important points. It also helps them to establish a cause-effect relationship. For instance, if they give much water to flower, it will decay or if they leave it sun in a long time, it will turn pale. After seeing these, they will understand relationships and standards. Secondly, farming provides physical relaxation and develops physical skills. It improves children’s motor skills. If students are responsible for plant growth, they need to care for their plants carefully. Plant care requires good motor skills because the roots and leaves of plants are susceptible. For example, irrigation, choking and pruning improve the motor skills of students as they require attention and skill. It facilitates to release their energy productively. Unfortunately, they usually spend their time on TV or computer, but with school gardens, they can give their energy to the soil in a productive way and also by doing this they will not waste their time.
In summary, farming affects the individual improvement of students positively and eases adaptation to working life. Furthermore, supports the physical and mental development and provides physical relief while at the same time improving physical abilities. If people pay attention to these positive aspects, they can create living, beautiful gardens in schools for their children’s own sake.

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