Why We Should Abandon Excessive Control of the Lives and Actions Others

Published: 2021-09-15 09:30:08
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A few thoughts I get the opportunity to compose on I ask why I hadn’t effectively composed something. This one can’t avoid being one of those. Such a certain thing to think about and especially to be cautious about. In any case, what a number of us know about this inquiry and doubt?
The truth of the matter is that we are in servitude to all that we need to control, regardless of whether it be the general population, the merchandise we have, the conditions of our lives, and, most importantly, how the occasions that we are engaged with the amusement. What we need to control, it controls us, and we are enticed to utilize what controls us to control others. And if we have to control something, especially in relation to people, then this control not only controls us but also tends to have a dominant influence on others. And it’s a problem that’s bleeding into abuse.For example, this article was motivated by my awareness of a simple action I did in social media, where I knew that an action I had taken a responsible and free action, nothing to be ashamed of a particular person could be Pursued. They look like harassment, right? It is a form of harassment, but in this situation is part of an ongoing conversation. But she controls. And I feel controlled, although I feel comfortable knowing that there is control, that someone is watching, and that someone can read these words. And I hope they are. (It is a pity that in social media it is possible to pursue a person’s activity. Because it not only makes bullying possible but also allows and promotes such behavior.)
What we all need to reach an agreement is the influence that everyone has on others, or rather, the influence we want to have on others. The attempt to control another person is, of course, an abuse of the relationship. Because what are the ways we treat and control things in our lives:
We’re trying to control people right now. Who denies it, denies an important reality. We all try to manipulate people. The only way to stop this is to recognize what we are doing. If we refuse to regulate the control of people, we are not honestly sure of the relationship.
We try to control the possessions we have and more in the accumulation of more. It becomes a problem when we push the demand and the greed of goods.
We try to control the events in our lives and our part in them. It is especially to feel safe. Fear is an indication that we do not have control or that we want more control over the circumstances of the events of our lives.
I believe it is God’s will that we allow him to take care of the things that control us and the things we want to control. God wants to free us from external control; That the only divine control we have is the responsibility we have to have for our lives. In other words, we must allow others to make their own decisions while exercising control over our decisions.

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