Separation by Asghar Farhadi: Personal Review

Published: 2021-09-16 12:35:07
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A Separation Response
Watching this film was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be, especially since it was vital to pay attention to the the subtitles. I am aware that I don’t speak Farsi. A Separation was a struggle for a woman just wanting to give her daughter a better life and a husband just wanting to care for his father, unable to let go no matter what the age or condition of his father was. Many things to get tied up in between these two conflicts, but the main point I took from it is that, no one ever has control over everything that happens in their life. We make solutions sound easier than they really are. A Separation also showed me how difficult it can be to let things go. Nader could not let go of his father, even though his father was not in good condition. Nader was put in an incredibly different situation where his father doesn’t even remember him some of the times he sees him, and he can’t really think straight throughout the whole process because he doesn’t want to let go of his father.
My “ways of knowing” has been impacted a fair amount after watching this film. This film has showed me that I am going to have to learn that life is not fair. People will lie, and save themselves due to selfishness. Sometimes we are going to have to learn to put ourselves before everybody else, even if it is out of the normal. Having priorities in line, is what makes one person better than the next. If you have your priorities straightened out, then you will know what your goals are. The comparison of how Nader is putting his father in front of Simin and their daughter which will lead to a divorce. This movie does a great job with putting in details of what impacts of having a family member with Alzheimer’s disease have on the family itself. This one where the patient cannot take care of himself and you’re at the point of getting him a caregiver or taking care of him yourself, but in this case neither of those really worked out. This movie showed how attached we are to our parents, no matter what age or condition their health is in. Nader was unable to detach himself from his father. This whole conflict between Nader and Simin having a divorce and Simin wanting to leave the country put the daughter in a very uncomfortable situation.
This movie was very moving and it had a lot of emotion put in to the dialogue and some of the scenes really stuck out to you and showed the pain in some of the characters. There was one scene where Nader was giving his father a bath but he was crying at the same time. This scene really showed the conflict Nader was facing with his father and his family that it really was getting to him. This movie also inspired me to be a good parent and when I get married, be absolutely sure we have the same list of priorities. It is not fair to the kid that is caught in the middle of the divorce. The daughter Teremeh, even stays with her father when her mother moves out to try to bring the family back together. This movie was so painful to watch because there were so many problems people were trying to fix, but these were problems no one could fix. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s, a way to undo divorce, and there is not a way to get yourself out of a web of lies you tied yourself in to.
The truth is, everything will catch up to us. There is no such thing as running away from our problems because everything we deal with will be catching up to us no matter what. Dealing with problems head on is the best way to handle them and then we are going to end up getting past these problems on to better things. Our lives shouldn’t be focused on our problems, we should be focused on goals, and our growth as a human, physically and mentally.

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