Seth Gold and Hardcore Pawn Reality Show

Published: 2021-09-29 17:05:12
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What do you think of when you hear or see these words ‘Hardcore Pawn’? Do you think of a likely spelling error which could then translate to something more X-rated? Or do you see it for what it truly is, a reality T.V show based on a pawnshop called American Jewelry and Loan. This pawnshop is located in Detroit and is owned by the third generation of a pawnbroker family, Leslie Gold (popularly called Les). Les is married with two children, a son and a daughter. The first generation man was basically into picking rags before he opened a pawn shop. The husband (called Popsie) to one of his three daughters picked interest in the business and when he had they had a son (Leslie), he taught him the ropes as well. Les and his father had a misunderstanding which led to him opening his own shop, American Jewelry and Loans. This pawn broking business seems bound to remain in the family as Seth, Leslie’s son is also a pawnbroker and even sits on the Board of Directors of the National Pawnbrokers Association.
In 1975, Les Gold got married to his heartthrob, Lili, in a wedding ceremony held at Detroit, Michigan. About three years into their wedding (January 7th 1978), they had a daughter and called her Ashley. Ashley was the center of all affection from her parents until she got a baby brother on 23rd February 1981 named Seth Gold. This was likely the little beginning of the sibling rivalry for which the duo are known (sometimes). Records hold it that both Seth and Ashley were born in the same state, Michigan. Seth like his sister grew up surrounded by his father’s business but there was also a value for education in the family. On completion of his high school education, he attended the University of Michigan where he obtained a degree in Literature, Science and Arts in 2003. In pursuit of following in the pawn broking business, Seth took a step further and went on to the Gemological Institute of America. By virtue of this training, he became a certified Gemologist. Ashley, his only sibling with whom he was raised, studied Business Administration at Michigan State University and also obtained a certificate at the Gemological Institute of America. In 2013, the National Pawnbrokers Association named him as the pawnbroker of that year. It shouldn’t be too shocking that he is presently a member on the Director’s Board. Seth definitely knows his way around this business and is posed to get to the very top. Asides the jewelry business, Seth also has a liking for sports. He has ‘always’ been a keen football lover and his to-go team is the University of Michigan football team which he roots for always.Career
When we take a look at how successful Seth Gold has become we might be tempted to believe that pawn broking and Seth are a match made in heaven. Well, this isn’t entirely true. You see, as a child, he was told several times by friends and peers of how the family business was illegitimate and he made up his mind not to be a part of something so ‘dishonest’. Life, however, had other plans snuck up its sleeve for him. Towards the completion of his college degree program, he somehow came to the realization of how the business gave people such hope that banks just couldn’t give. He had initially wanted to follow the track of being a Medical Doctor but opted out when he saw that it wasn’t really in him to stay up a lot to study. Following this eureka moment, Seth promptly spoke with his parents and joined the family business officially. One major decision he has undertaken for the business was to start an e-commerce sector which today has autistic individuals holding most if not all of its staff positions. He achieve d this awe-inspiring feat by making them undergo a Brighton-based program on job training dubbed Power to the Grid. This division of the business has earned at least 30% increment to the sales of the company. Seth has risen up and proved his mettle so much that he is now American Jewelry and Loan’s Vice President.
America Jewelry and Loans is the inspiration behind Hardcore Pawn, a now defunct T.V show which grossed over two million viewers in its debut series. It was aired on truTV and earned the record of the most watched premiere on the channel. The show began when Les made an advert on television running between The Jerry Springer Show breaks. Dominick picked interest in the shop after seeing the advert and came up with the idea of the show. Seth kicked against the show at first but was bought over by his father. The show made its first run in 2009; this is however not to be confused with the company’s opening in 1978. By the third series, both father and son were being given credit as the show’s Executive Producers. The Gold family acquired another shop in Pontiac in 2011. Some episodes of the show were shot in this new location including one where Seth tried unsuccessfully to sell the shop. In 2015, Hardcore Pawn was brought to a close as truTV wanted to invest in shows which brought on more ‘comedy’. Seth also appeared in one episode of the TV show League One: In the Spotlight!, along with his father, Les. The series was aired for 116 episodes between the years 2014 and 2017. In 2017, Seth and his dad collaborated with some local businesses and the Pontiac Regional Chamber to host an entrepreneurship course which was held over the course of three weeks. As at this year (2018), Seth and Les Gold are in a partnership with the Junior Achievement of Southeatern Michigan to motivate and steer students of high schools to start and own their own small scale businesses. The Gold Bank as it is called will provide loans of say $200 or $1000 to these students which they are expected to pay off within the same semester. These are some of the amazing accomplishments that the company has to its name as it celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. As Vice President, Seth has no doubt boosted the company’s finance just as he claims. American Jewelry and Loans now exists in three different locations: the original shop in Detroit, the second in Pontiac and a third opened in Hazel Park, all in the United States of America. The company is regarded as one of the world’s largest pawnshops.
Seth Gold’s relentless passion for pawn broking and his desire to help in charitable events while maintaining a very good relationship with practically everyone has earned him a number of awards. One of this is the award as the Pawnbroker of the year which he earned in 2013 from the National Pawnbrokers Association.
In 2016, Crain’s Detroit Business listed him as a part of the 40 Under 40 Class of 2016. A partnership with Crowdrise saw the 40 Under 40 winners of 2016 being able to raise funds for a charity of choice. Seth chose the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy. He also assists in welcoming interns from the Academy to the pawnshop every summer. As a 40 year old business (this year 2018), the American Jewelry and Loan was honored as the recipient of the National Pawnbrokers Association Outstanding Community Relations Awards. This was an acknowledgement of the company’s long standing involvement in financial literacy, business leadership and charitable giving.

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