Several Degrees of Vegetarianism

Published: 2021-09-11 16:35:10
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The Ilks of Vegetarianism
Millions of people around the world voluntarily make the decision to eliminate a mass food group from their diet. Those individuals whom electively choose to eliminate the meat and poultry group from their diet, are often simply considered vegetarians. Adopting a vegetarian way of consuming food has proven to have many positive effects on one’s own health, and additionally for the animals and environment at large. However, once one goes in-depth to research the vegetarian diet, they will learn that simply giving up meat and poultry is not the only way to go. In fact, there are several degrees of vegetarianism, with some stricter and more challenging to commit to than others.
It’s okay to eat fish, ‘cause they don’t have any feelings… (Nirvana, Something In The Way)Now, the diet known as pescetarianism logically ranks below the common vegetarian diet; this is because pescetarians still are known to consume fish and shellfish. As an alternative justification for those whom adopt this diet, it could likely be the first, temporary stepping stone to eventually transition to being a full-fledged vegetarian (or vegan). Conversely, of course, some pescetarians believe that including Omega-3 fatty acids, commonly found in fish and fish oils, into one’s diet is beneficial and healthy for one’s own health, since research has shown that consuming Omega-3 may lower the risk of being diagnosed with heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.
Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian:
Lacto-ovo-whaa? Ahh, this is simply the fancy word for the standard vegetarian! Blatantly, a lacto-ovo vegetarian is one whom does not digest animal flesh of any kind, but is willing to consume dairy and egg products. Perchancely, carnivores may inquire and ponder over how it is ostensible for lacto-ovo vegetarians to acquire protein into their restricted diet. Examples of procurable, safe foods for lacto-ovos to consume, all in which contain a paramount quantity of protein, include beans, tofu, seitan (derived from wheat gluten), and furthermore, eggs themselves are an exceptional source of protein.
Feasibly considered to be one of the strictest diets, vegans exclude any animal-derived product from consumption, which includes meat, eggs, dairy products, and arguably, honey… while some even take their decision on being a vegan an additional step forward, by refusing to purchase, wear, and use any materials derived from animals, such as leather, fur, silk, wool, and certain soaps and cosmetics. One of the prominent justifications to why people commit to this dairy-free diet, is after research of the tragic and deplorable mishaps which occur at dairy farms throughout the nation. Cows are constantly injected with the hormone scientifically known as bovine somatotropin, an amino acid which profoundly increases cows’ production of milk; where, in repercussion, this hormone becomes acquired by human beings whom consume any parcel of dairy (such as milk itself, ice-cream, cheese, and yogurt). Furthermore, were you ever shown in school, during a biology, animal, or food course, a video or clip of the secret, inhumane affair of chicks being sorted on a conveyor belt by male and female, where ultimately only the female chicks are favored to survive, for the solitary bearing to lay eggs for the remainder of their eight-year average life span? The revolting, abhorrent catastrophe to these innocent baby chickens is simply competent for one to never view an egg the same way again. While vegans can ostensively cleanse their body and health relentlessly with electing to not consume any animal-derived products, simultaneously, they are protesting against the sadistic actions inside dairy and chicken farms.
Alas, the described vegan diet is not for everyone… on the other hand, chegans do not want their colleagues to be aware that they are not up to the challenge of fully committing to the vegan diet. These sneaky little bastards have caused the term chegan to be coined. In their own vocalization, they claim to the public, and even internally to themselves, that they are indeed vegan, since the mass majority of their diet is indeed dairy-free. Nevertheless, when it comes to social (and even private) gatherings where food is involved, eating out, or simply moments where one’s self-control gets a bit carried away, chegans will be flexible in regards to their dietary restriction by indulging in a serving of edible-yum which includes a dairy ingredient. Do chegans ever feel ashamed, delinquent, or consider themselves to be a failure by virtue of their conscience bluffer? When it boils down to the core essence, chegans believe and understand that they are doing the absolute best they possibly can for the rights of animals, the environment, and their own health, by eschewing animal-derived products in a superiority manner of time… luxuriating in life to the fullest, delving into new experiences, and enjoying the company and pleasure of those surrounding us are key components of making the most out of our span of existence… when a piece of chocolate or a sample of cheese crosses the path of a vegan/chegan, whom is to scold them and call the vegetarian police for their crime of a satisfying indulgence?
If it is one’s ambition to become go from a carnivore to a vegan, it genuinely would be challenging for them to be successful overnight. Howbeit, with there simply not being only one universal vegetarian kind of diet, the cards are stacked in any aspiring vegetarian/vegan’s favor for their sublimations of fruition, by taking it in utter one step at a time. Perchancely for the first month, all meat is off-limits, but with the exception of fish and shellfish? Following this up with eliminating the fish and shellfish the subsequent month, and so on with eventually annihilating dairy products (as a suggestion, eradicating these in smaller treads, such as taking out ice-cream one week, yoghurt and ice-cream the next, then cheese, yoghurt, and ice-cream, until conclusively reading the ingredient labels and not consuming any product which encompasses any dairy). When all is committed, the sentiment of one individual should not be any gauge of chagrin and dismay… never underestimate the power and influence of one… one less person whom is antagonistic to the coarse undertakings at dairy and chicken farms, and one additional individual whom is taking action and concern as to what they eat.

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