The Discussion on the Ethics of Children Plastic Surgery

Published: 2021-09-06 22:00:15
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Should Children get Plastic Surgery?
For those who want to look younger, better looking, and feeling great about themselves then look no further, plastic surgery may be the way to go. Plastic surgery, also known as cosmetic surgery, is the enhancement of the body through surgical procedures. Plastic surgery includes an addition to the body, reconstruction surgery, medical surgery, beautification, and gender reassignment. It is getting more common with both male and female seeking to create a better look for themselves. Children are taught, without realizing it, to prize beauty, but society has always valued beauty. Today, parents are letting their children get plastic surgery for several different reasons all because children are faced with being bullied for the way they look, wanting to be prettier, being forced to be pretty, being insecure about themselves, having health concerns like birth defects, and having severe injuries. I believe children should have plastic surgery, but only if it’s for health concerns because it can be an improvement of their life by improving their body functions, increasing their personal self-esteem, and by helping them with any injuries they may have.
To begin with, a child can get plastic surgery to improve his or her body functions. For example, children may be born with a cleft-lip and cannot properly eat or drink like the rest of the world can. It can be extremely difficult for the children and parents going through this and can be understood as to why they would want to get plastic surgery to help fix this issue. Plastic surgery can help reconstruct the child’s lip and close off the cleft-lip. Doing this surgery for the child with the cleft-lip can save his or her life by giving them a proper way in ingesting food and drinks. Secondly, children should be able to get plastic surgery to help build up their self-esteem. For instance, children’s faces can be dropping to where it looks like it’s sagging and can mess up how they present themselves to others. By receiving plastic surgery to fix the child’s face to where it isn’t sagging can boost up the child’s self-esteem to another level and make them feel more confident about themselves.
Lastly, children should have the option to get plastic surgery to help them heal from the injuries that they receive. For example, if the child gets into an accident whether it be from a car accident or playing in sports the option of having plastic surgery to help the child be in less pain and heal their injuries will be more than enough for the child. The child will so thankful that they could get plastic surgery for their injuries. Another example is, when if a child is being bullied so much and so severe that the child’s nose is broken and needs to be fixed plastic surgery can help with their broken nose. Having plastic surgery for their broken nose can help by giving them a better-looking nose or shifting the nose back into its preferred position on the child and by fixing their injured nose.
Today, people may associate children getting plastic surgery not because of the child’s needs but because of the parents wanting them to get the surgery to be pretty. Parents want this for their child for beautification reasons. They may want their child to be in a beauty pageant and want the surgery to help with the child’s looks to make sure that he or she will win. This is not an excuse for a child to get plastic surgery. Although, by letting a child get plastic surgery because of their health concerns can help the child fully develop their body functions properly while growing up, can help with their self-esteem that they are going through, and can help with all the injuries that they have.

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