An Overview on the Possible Consequences of Teenage Cosmetics Surgery

Published: 2021-09-13 12:55:09
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Is it ugly a sin? It is the world just for beautiful people? Whether ugly people should be destroyer? Should teenagers do cosmetics surgery? The answer is no. beautiful is the thing that comes from birth, from the heart, and from behavior. People just know if beautiful is everything, but in the fact beauty is all about her heart. But, in few moments teenagers do cosmetics surgery to being a beautiful girls. According to a few opinion of my friends, that cosmetic surgery really improves a person’s appearance rather than their health due to lack of gratitude, job demands, lifestyle, and environmental influences.
Cosmetics surgery can help people to be a beautiful people. People in my hometown area sometimes have a habit to be a beautiful people. At first they use a skincare for treatment. if treatment is unsatisfactory, the second thing they do is inject bleach, medication, and bleach infusion. they are willing to spend as much money as they need to do the treatment, and of course in order to get the beauty they crave. whether beauty to be seen in the eyes of people, in their own eyes, or it could be just for the sake of inner satisfaction. especially for women, from the original is beautiful and charming. but, because he was not satisfied with what he had. yes, it was finally he released the beauty, one of them in the way above.Besides, some people argue that some of them are legalized and do everything to make it looking good. Can be indeed their lifestyles are caused by the influence of existing circles, or the term social climbing in the Indonesian language is referred to as pansos. due to the influence of the confusion and then make a person’s lifestyle change. People who become the majority in the residence will be made as role models and example of his behavior, no matter whether it is good and bad. such as cosmetics surgery, because the majority of people do it. so as to contain lifestyle changes in a sphere of residence.
Many people perform cosmetic surgery as well because of the demands of the existing job. Including artists, because of their work as a public figure. They do cosmetic surgery by spending a lot of money, but not all artists who perform cosmetic surgery. For example, some Korean artists perform operations due to agency demands. Their talent is very good, but there are among those whose teeth are not tidy, a bit stale, and less comfortable in the view. So, many of them have to do cosmetic surgery or other repair. however, not all of them are the result of cosmetic surgery.
More importantly, cosmetics surgery definitely has an impact and bad effects. The impact can comes from outside or inside.
“The costs of treating complications due to medical tourism often fall on the patient’s public health insurance coverage, according to the report by ASPS Member Surgeon Dennis Orgill, MD, PhD, and colleagues of Brigham and Women’s Hospital-Harvard Medical School. Added to previous reports, their experience suggests that complications resulting from plastic surgery procedures performed in other countries poses “a substantial public health problem in the US.””
“The researchers analyzed their department’s experience in treating patients with complications related to plastic surgery in a developing country. From 2010 to 2017, the department treated a total of 78 such patients. Almost all were women; the average age was 53 years. The most common plastic surgery procedures were abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”) and breast augmentation.”
The impact of cosmetic surgery are numerous. one of the most dominant is the addictive feeling. so, once there the teens do cosmetic surgery. it can cause many between they want to do it again and again. because, they feel less satisfied and want to show their self to be more beautiful again. so the impact of this one can also cause damage to the area in operation, because it is done repeatedly and the results can be disappointing. even many of them are sorry for having to do cosmetic surgery. cosmetic surgery is actually done only one or two times only. and later results are in the produce is more than beautiful words. but, because of the impact above, then that is why sometimes cosmetic surgery is still a lot in talk.
Should teenagers do cosmetics surgery? My answer is no. The teenagers for the various reasons and impacts described above. cosmetic surgery has many consequences. the rampant cosmetic surgery is also caused because of the high interest of social media that enliven the makeup product and face surgery as the main content. this thing, seen from mushrooming beauty vlogger in social media. and also because of the growing e-clinic beauty care in these areas. and the number of aesthetic doctors.

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