Simple Strategies to Avoid Overeating

Published: 2021-09-03 00:00:12
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I know you all love to watch TV or Netflix or YouTube and it’s perfectly cool until you are not watching it while eating. Researchers believe that, if you are eating while watching there is a strong possibility that you will feel you have not eaten at all.
Eat your meal in small portions. Rather than gulping your meal to the neck, it’s highly recommended that you start eating it in small chunks. This will also help you digest your food easily.
Start using small sized plates for eating your meal. By using small plates there are chances of taking a desired amount of food which in the due course will put a stop on your overeating habits. And also, psychologically you will know that you took one or two plates which will stop you to take the third round.
Before starting your meal, drink a glass of water and wait for at least 10-15 minutes and check if that solution suits you, if yes, HURRAY!! And do comment down below.
Just stay away from your so-large-filled with food table and serving bowls. Put your meal in your small plate and walk off from the serving table and those large friendly bowls. Because when those food bowls are around you, there are heart and soul chances that you will scoop an extra food in your plate.
This may sound a bit extra but “To get something you have to lose something”. Purchase a food scale or measuring cups. This will help you to stick to the exact portion which is recommended & also it will be fruitful to measure your food before serving it.
Do not skip your meals. If you think skipping meals will make you lose weight, yes it may help you lose it, hence, at the same time it will going to make you weak too. Beside this, it can leave you overly hungry and you may start overeating.
Eat your meal slowly. Generally, stomach takes 20 minutes to send the signal to the brain that yes, I am full. This is why eating slowly can help you prevent overeating.
Want to overeat? Fill your plate with salad. Fruits and vegetables are low in calorie which will not harm much if you overeat them. Get satisfied!
If a food craving hits you and you have no clue on how to overcome the food craving anxiety, it’s very simple, just indulge in any activity which you like. Go out for a fast walk, start dancing on your favorite song, or do a household work(these tips are; when you are at home and not at office). If you are in office then you can try reading out book, start talking with your friends and colleagues (do not talk about food).
The last tip is, simply remember your goal.
If you feel like ignoring your health when you are halfway through, Always ask yourself why did you started, this will help you stay motivated.

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