Solutions and Rules to Follow in the Case of Fossil Fuels Usage

Published: 2021-09-29 09:40:10
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There is an unlikely chance that in the near future, a full transition from fossil fuels will be made. Therefore, means will need to be instituted to make fossil fuel usage cleaner, and also to regulate it. Solutions will be provided in the following paragraphs, but first I believe that a census should be in order. This will be based off of oil refineries and their conditions, particularly in countries that rely heavily upon oil exports, or any other forms of fossil fuels.
In many cases, there are labor issues in the fossil fuel industry. Conditions within these companies must be monitored so employees are given sufficient wages, as well as safe and clean conditions. Third party observers must analyze safety protocols and operations. This is to ensure that there are no illegal mining or refining activities. The founding of a union would be in order here, with an annual checkup from relevant government officials to ensure there is no corruption within said union.The manufacturers or other companies in the private sectors should be working towards furthering efforts into finding, and establishing research programs regarding fossil fuels. These aim of these goals would be to improve increasing efficiency of fossil fuels during combustion. As combustion goes underway, it yields greenhouse gas emissions. A solution to this would be biomass or other synthetic fuels. Why? They are more effective and less polluting while undergoing combustion. Other means should be researched to find more effective ways of attaining such fuels. For example, researchers should be working towards developing less harmful ways of fracking.
With this in mind, a comprehensive carbon plan must be implemented as a goal for manufacturers. This will be encompassing carbon budgets, and taxes, for the aim of reducing emissions from fossil fuels. In said plan, we will be outlining a tolerable quantity of greenhouse gas to be emitted over five year intervals. The amount of emissions produced by heavy industries and corporations will also be included here, along with the amount of emissions produced by vehicle transportation and congestion. The level of emission in residential areas, as well as agricultural enterprises will also be outlined in the carbon plan. Based on the aforementioned factors, governments will then institute a variable, domestic, carbon tax upon different sectors of the economy/ A slightly increased carbon tax however, will be implemented upon industries who emit large quantities of carbon.
To conclude, the carbon is our best way to address the nation’s usage in fossil fuels. With this, there will be an enlistment of local energy experts to act as advisors. They will be discussing the scale and nature of existing greenhouse emissions. The fossil fuel industry has a heavy hold on the global economy, and are absolute economic powerhouses. The nations must unite in order to transition away from fossil fuels, and create less of a dependency upon it.

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