Some of the Difficulties with Designertech

Published: 2021-09-02 13:15:10
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Designertech handles its data through a flat files database model currently the company has distinct paths for each division and all the information regarding with customers projects and services employees partners and others incorporated in the business is stored there. Following some of the difficulties they have been experimenting:
Data redundancy: this problem is evidenced especially when it is required to update information of customers and projects due to the different folders which are storing the same information. As an example the path that holds info about the projects is storing similar data contained in a customer folder. The same is happening with the information of departments and employees. Most of the data is repeated in folders creating duplicity and inconsistency problems.Data integrity: designertech has problems with the accurateness of data. Most of the files and records have to fulfill with an explicit type of constraints like a numeric value or dates; however using flat files the company does not have control over the data.
Security problems: another aspect to highlight of designertech is the lack of the security in its data all the company share information through folder paths and even though there are some restrictions some users from departments like sales or finance can access and modify data from the operations department meaning a high risk for the company everyone can manipulate private and confidential information.
Data isolation: flat files do not allow to designertech guarantee the execution of two or more transactions over the same file managing these ones as an independent and without generating any type of mistake. Given the problems previously exposed it would suggest for designertech the relational model for database management. The model raised keeps the data in tables which in turn are connected to each other by means of keys. This would mean for designertech hold the information organized in a way that guarantees addition searching and sorting of data be easier and less prone to errors compared to storing data in flat files.
Some of the effects that a database management system will enhance for designertech business will be: -in terms of data processing designer tech will be able to manage better the data. Data about employees projects customers and partners can be sorted reported classified validated and analyzed efficiently. -in the past the company experimented problems when more than one user wanted to update the same file. These problems of concurrency will be fixed it because the database system management can allow parallel execution of the different system units.
Also designertech will resolve problems with data integrity and inconsistency since the dbms eliminates the having diverse versions of the same data in different places. Improvement in data security will be one of the most important effects on the business since it will be provided data privacy and security policies. The risk of data security violation is minimized and corporate information is used properly. Using a database management system will allow the company manages the full information structure and performs full control over the data something that currently the company is unable to do as was already mentioned in previous points. Corporate data is always vulnerable to losses and therefore the chosen plan will bring data sharing improvement data security and better access to data and of course it will improve the decision making.

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