South Africa to Leave Super Rugby?

Published: 2021-08-30 22:45:09
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There’s actually been a leaked paper coming out of those sands out and they have given five different options of where they see the super rugby competition in that twenty thirty. And I want to give you my thoughts in the current state of super rugby and the future of a super rugby being that there’s been so many changes recently in the super rugby system that it looks like in the future they want to continue to make it more crazy.
So there’s five different scenarios in which sands are seized super rugby in the future they see a potential contraction going back to the super 14, the super 12 of twenty years ago, they say they could remain and keep the status quo with 15 teams with the huaraz and the sun was continuing to stay in the super rugby competition. And there’s three different expansion models in which they want to get them more into Japan they want to crack into the new USA, potentially have a team out of Hawaii and continue to grow super rugby into a 20 team for a full conference competition.And I’m going to say its very its very crazy what sands are trying to do here. I’ve come out and said that the format and the way that she rugby woods is very hard to maintain into the long-term future. Having matches taking place over four or five different time zones over five six different countries is very difficult to keep up with. Its often very difficult for me to watch the waratahs if the plane in south Africa. It’s alright for Argentina because its normally first thing in the morning but if a kiwi team goes over and plays in south Africa its apart from the diet for hired fans. They’re not going to watch that match no ones going to stay up and wake up at 3:00 a.m. in the morning for their club side and for a lot of people they wont even get out that early for the international side.
I’ll do it for my international side but I do it for the waratahs because I’ve got other things to do in my weekend and they’re sort of thinking that they want to crack into the USA and make super rugby a more global competition, if it isn’t already. And honestly I’m really not sure how this is going to work because I see south Africa moving up to Europe it only makes logical sense that in the next few years south Africa sees our there’s more money in Europe.
They’ve got the European champions cup that it’s so popular there. It continues to grow club rugby in Europe and there may be more money within Europe or having a domestic competition in South Africa where they can see all their south African teams play in the same time zone. Obviously a problem with South Africa is that if there’s a the lions are currently touring or whatever a plane in the screen or a or a kiwi side they’re taking place at lunchtime in South Africa and a Friday lunchtime most South Africans are working at that time and don’t often get to watch the super rugby match.
So it’s very difficult turns on to keep up with all the teams and it’s the same for Australian easy and I find it very difficult to keep up with all the African teams who’s in what team and who’s doing what because even though I’m a die-hard fan, it’s very difficult for me to stay that see. The South African teams pay every week simply because of the time constraints.
So I do see in the future South Africa just like the southern kings and the cheetahs moving up to Europe I don’t think they’ll become a pro at doing the pro 14 that again that mothers quite unsustainable. I think as well in terms of their constant editions, it works a bit better in the pro 14 because obviously all their teams are pretty much within the same time zone. But for the super rugby this is where it gets interesting ultimately.

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