Spearfishing and Camping with My Uncle

Published: 2021-09-11 09:35:11
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Five years ago, on one sunny summer morning, on the day that my uncle promised to take me spearfishing on his boats with some friends. Me and my cousins, whose names were Jadi and Elvis had to get up early so that i would be ready to go when my uncle came for me. When my uncle arrived he told me to double check my bag for we would be camping out near his fishing spot. Before we went on our way to the coast we had stop to pick up some friends. Our first stop was to pick up an old friend of mines, named samuel. Samuel was and 13 year old clear skinned boy with black slick hair, brownish green eyes, and an athletic built. I have know Samuel from when i was being raised by my grandma and my aunts. Samuel was an enthusiastic, funny, and athletic character. The next stop was for my uncle’s friends and the equipment we needed. Their names were Jesica and Ruby. Jesica was a pretty, tall petite blond with bright green eyes, while Ruby was a pretty, short, with black hair and red highlights, an athletic body, and dazzling hazel eyes that glistened in the sun. When we loaded the equipment and the girls got in their truck, we went to pick up my uncle’s girlfriend. Her name was Carolina. Carolina was tall, had black hair, brown eyes, with an athletic body, she was also really funny, kind-hearted, and kind of like an aunt to me.
On our way out the city, we stopped at a pizza restaurant to order two large pepperoni pizza, one to large veggie supremes, and a large mushroom and pepperoni pizza, which we ate on the road. After we got our pizza we went to a grocery store to buy some cases of soda and beer, bags of chips, dips, and parmesan cheese, then we were on our way to the coast. As we drove to the coast we passed farms filled with cows, horses, sheep, goats, and different types of crops. Half way through the drive my uncle pulled over at a rest stop so that we could use the restroom and stretch our legs. Just as we stopped we say a parade of horses in the distances coming our way. When the horses were on us, Elvis, Samuel, and I spotted a horse take a dump as it passed by. When we loaded up and the horse parade passed by, we got back on the road. From the rest stop it was the same site, farm after farm, until we finally reached the coast.The roads in the coast were lined with coconut trees on both sides.
When we reached the dock, we loaded all the diving equipment, spearguns, fishing rods, coolers, and snack on to the boats. After loading up the boats, we all went to use the restroom. When everyone came back, we got into the boats and raced into open sea where all big fishes are. When we were a mile and a half out we stopped the boats and started putting on our gear. When we were all ready so start to fall into the water. When we were in the boat my uncle told us all to stay in a group and to avoid getting separated, for the blood from the fishes that we were going to shot would attract some sharks, and when every we see a shark to signal everyone by shooting the underwater flare gun we were given. When we were all in the water, the ones that were going spearfishing anyways, we started to descend, then swam north with the boat following us by luminescent glow sticks we had attached to our air tanks. Ten minutes into our dive we saw a school of big, juicy Tuna. When we got close enough we started firing out spearguns like crazy. When all the blood cleared we were able to get all the fish we tagged and swam up to the boat, give the fish to those in the boat, then descended again. As we descend I spotted four shadowy shapes in the distance coming in our way. As the shapes got closer I noticed that they had lean bodies and long tails, from three feet in length to 4 feet, and then I noticed that the shapes were sharks. Scared to death, i hesitated to pull out flare gun, but managed.
When the others saw the flare, everyone started looking frighten then spotted them. We gathered around and stayed in a tight circle with our spearguns at ready, drifting up towards the boats hope that the sharks would mistake us for deprise and leave us alone. Unfortunately, they started surrounded us. Frightened by the shark, I fired my gun and shot it straight through the eyes sockets. As if by a chain reaction, everyone fired theirs and killed the remaining sharks before they got to any of us. When we were sure that the sharks were all dead we gathered the dead sharks and returned to the boats so that we could leave the area before more sharks arrived.
When we got onto the boats, took off our gear, settled down, and were on our way to the campsite, we told the others about the sharks we tagged. When we reached the campsite, we took turns using the showers while my uncle’s girlfriend and Ruby prepared the fishes and sharks that we tagged and cooked them around a big bonfire. When everyone finished bathing, the food was ready, and we all sat around the fire to eat, talk, sing, and tell horror stories.

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