Substance Dependence and Sleep Disorders Can Be Explained Through the World of Psychology

Published: 2021-09-29 07:20:09
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There are many conditions and emotions that are experienced in everyday life, that people may not even realize are linked to the world of psychology. Psychology is a field that is very applicable to many different situations that one might experience. Some examples of these psychological experiences are sleep disorders, substance dependence and even defense mechanisms.
When a person tosses and turns in their sleep, there is a bit of science behind that. These restlessness nights are linked to sleep disorders. Sleep disorders are problems that occur within a person’s system that disturbs their regular sleeping pattern. These disorders have a wide variety of symptoms. The symptoms of these disorders can be anything from suddenly falling asleep, irregular breathing patterns, tossing during sleep or having trouble falling asleep. A real life experience that this can be connected to is sleepwalking. Sleepwalking is when a person gets up during their sleep and either walks around or does things that they would usually do when they are in a state of being awake. While sleepwalking can be seen as something that is harmless and something that occurs without explanation, there is a psychological link to these sleep disturbances. A personal example of this is my grandmother, who often wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to the kitchen to fix a glass of water. However, when you tell her about it she won’t believe you because she can’t recall what happened.Aside from having trouble falling to sleep, there are other psychological occurrences that occur such as a dependence on different substances. This can be seen in cases of substance dependence. Substance dependence occurs when a person becomes reliant on the use of drugs in order to get through their day. Without the use of the substance, the person who usually relies on it will go through stages of withdrawal. Day by day the symptoms get worse until their system has gotten rid of the sense of dependence. There is a popular television show called Intervention that depicts situations like these. They follow the life of a person who becomes addicted to these addicting substances usually without intention of becoming hooked to these substances. These people tell stories about how they started off experimenting with substances and their bodies inevitably became addicted to it so they do anything in their power to get to that substance in order to calm their minds from the panic of functioning without it. A good example of this in my personal life is my cousin who suffers from addictions due to his dependence on cocaine. He is currently at a treatment center for addictions due to the fact that he couldn’t maintain his life living clean.
Lastly, when a person feels uncomfortable and they use a variety of methods to block things out they have indeed used the psychological process of creating a defense mechanism. A defense mechanism is created by the mind involuntarily in order to avoid a situation that makes an individual feel uncomfortable. There are many different types of defense mechanisms, such as avoidance, acceptance, displacement and even denial. A person reacts in whichever way their mind feels can keep them the most comfortable. A good example of this is when a person is confronted with the death of one of their close loved ones. They aren’t used to that idea therefore they will begin to use defense mechanisms such as denial to protect themselves from the feelings that makes them feel uncomfortable. A person in denial will often block out all statements of the truth until they come to the realization that it is time to deal with the situation at hand.
In conclusion psychology is a bigger part of society’s everyday life than people may realize. Psychology is in the background of many things that may be overlooked and go unexplained but once people dig deeper they will realize the connection and examine other things that occur daily which are also connected. The examples presented above are just the beginning to the plethora of events that have connections into the world of psychology and there are many more out there that are left to be discovered.

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