The Age in Love

Published: 2021-09-13 15:30:09
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In love, everyone wants to find someone who truly understands oneself, loves oneself sincerely. Especially the women they want to be interested in and loved more because they are weak, they deserve a happy life. Women want to be covered and protected by an adult man. Is it okay to date a younger man.
According to Lacordaire once said: “Heart is a lightning strike, I. do not know where it hits and when it hits ” So love when the heart vibrates. The reason should be dating younger men.Young men are always full of life. The time and age for us to take our lives by taking our faith one by one. A man in his 30s who has experienced all the sweet bitterness of love will be less warm than the guy. Boys only twenties. The burning, the enthusiasm in the 2. They care about your girlfriend anytime, anywhere. They do not mind the sweet romance. They believe in love and enjoyment with women. Schiller said: “True love is not worn by time, nor can it be changed by circumstances.”
The subtitles is override. In an relationship, the sub woman is too it, they must always listen and make you want to your want. Some double if must change the body to fit with your like. Especially in relationships where women are less likely to be men, obedience will occur more often. Old men accumulate much experience in life. Even if you are not a tentacle, older men tend to steer and control their women. They will force you to do what they want instead of accepting your idea. You love the younger, you will never have to listen to them. Because the person is younger, less experienced and less mature as you are. You will be the leader of the relationship and be done. Everything I like.
You are always the number one in his eyes, young men do not have much experience with women so for them women are always an attractive creature. To them, having a girlfriend is like a privilege, they will cherish and love their girlfriend as a treasure. Especially the little guys usually do not have too much emotional grief with women, so they will not be too suspicious in love. Their feelings are often sincere and trustworthy. Moreover, the boys will not have long love affair. No ex-wife with no children, no competitor at all, he will always count you as number one, not comparable to anyone . Accoding to Jean Jacques Rousseau: “ True love is full of enthusiasm, because in the imagination always exists in the shape of beauty is real or damaged.”
Difficulties when loving older men
Next to the interesting things when loving older men, there are other issues that deserve attention . Women are getting older faster than men, walking next to younger lover will easily be mistaken as two sisters. If you are in Vietnam you will bear the gaze of people when dating young men and difficult to address when you are older and economic problems, when younger lover is often not stable career. Imagine being in love with a 5 year old boy when you graduated from work but he just started to build a career that will not take care of you fully. Let’s love as Beecher Towe: “The sobbing of a loving heart is the melodious, most melodious melody of all earthly music . ” Do not because of age, do not be a little difficult to refuse a person to make yourself shaken.
Age gap is just mathematically rigid. Each individual seeks different things at the opponent in a relationship. Whether or not it depends on a lot of factors such as maturity, personality, acceptance and agreement. We can not measure the love and relationship between people and people with rigid mathematics! Love passes all age barriers. If you can not overcome the difficulties, the challenge is not love. If a relationship has an age gap that is unsuccessful and becomes unstoppable, do not rush for age difference. Maybe not the right person! “Everybody is born to love. This is the only salvation principle for survival” Benjamin Disraeli have said so. Love is no age difference any time, so young, long road to love, there are things we should do before age 30 and love the poor are also among them because women are born to love and to be loved.

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