The Concepts of Social Marketing, Digital Marketing and Relationship Marketing

Published: 2021-09-11 21:15:11
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To promote the handicraft products, social marketing, digital, social media marketing and relationship marketing can be taken into account. The key concept of social marketing is a process of identifying the target audience needs and wants.
A media revolution is undergoing in the current age. Web technologies are embraced by the young people. A report from UK Telecommunications Regulator, Ofcom identified,’ a whole new generation of consumers for whom online is becoming the lead medium and convergence is increasingly the norm’. It is undoubtful that internet has a huge influence on individuals, business. Now social media has easy access, has a connectivity of world-wide and has a profound impact on customer’s behavior. Social media can be characterized in a less complexity of dialogues and a steep of firm’s boundaries. Social media empowering their user through connecting and sharing. Social media provides their user a more productive tool which enables them taking the right decision. Social media integrates the relationship between the buyers and sellers. Social media also allow firms to make a direct relation with a customer. Social media is also impacting on customer’s need, expectations. In this current period of time buyers and seller’s relationship through social media is noticeable. Even some years ago customers only trend to go near stores and buy things, alternatives were less. Now people can easily choose alternatives, can reduce waste of time by siting their house, in looking the products posting on social media and ordering them. Through the engagement of huge numbers of people, social media can easily transfer into a business ground.
Social media marketing is an internet- based marketing which involves creating and sharing contents throw social media in order to achieve the business goal. Social media marketing can involve posting text, creating videos, sharing videos even posting on paid media advertising. Through social media marketing customer can engage in siting their own chair. So, today’s busy life, it is more convenient to promote or branding products on social media in order to reduce waste of time. Facebook, Twitter is conspicuous when thinking about social media. It is very easy to share and promotes a product on Facebook and people can easily engage with that. So social media marketing can be taken into account for the market strategy.
Digital marketing has also a huge impact. Digital marketing can be done through internet, websites. One of the prominent examples of digital marketing is Amazon. People can save their times, chooses alternatives through digital marketing. Nowadays, digital marketing is very illustrious. A significant number of people are buying and selling their products through digital marketing. If we look into today’s world, we find Google that our parents did not find it in their time. What we find that Google earns more advertising revenue than CBS which is a US television network and is the largest company which depends on advertising. Today the virtual industry is big enough that people can spend their whole day, sitting on a chair. Electronic games are more popular among the young and the revenue is surprisingly higher than many of the biggest industries. It’s all about a digital marketing, people rely on more than the previous generation. Digital marketing is a completely new dilemma which has changed the world. When we are talking about digital marketing, the customer relationship is more important than the simple transaction.
Relationship marketing concerns about the relationship with the customers, build a strong connectivity, developing and retaining customer relationship. So basically, Relationship marketing is trying to build a positive relationship with the customer for a long time. They maintain one kind of emotional attachment. Marketing is not only about to sold products but maintaining the relationships with customers. Relationship marketing is emphasizing a mutual long-term relation with the customer. There is some general principle of Relationship marketing concept. A seller or supplier tries to gather information of potential customers and build up a customer database. In a customer relationship marketing, trust is a very important issue. Why the customers trust in a certain company, trust in a product, what are to be done to acquire the creditability these are vital issues in Relationship Marketing. Trust only exit if the customer feels secure. To promote handicrafts to the customers with creditability is one of the challenges of this business. In a successful relationship marketing, customers are expecting better service. To provide them easy and better services is one of the vital issues of the handicraft business.

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