The Effect and Furthering of Atheists Agenda in Seth Macfarlane's Adult Animated Series Family Guy

Published: 2021-09-22 15:20:11
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Moral guidance in the form of artistic expression is a timeless tradition which still exists today. Over time, these artistic mediums have taken many different forms, ranging from paintings to television programs and films. Our sense of morals and decency is derived from what we interpret to be “socially acceptable.” Throughout the years, the morals standards of general populations have been reflected through creative expression. Even in the earliest stages of film and television production, war propaganda and moral lessons were often the focus.
Even today, mediums such as the internet and social media services have made self-expression possible on every possible level. Still, the moral programming of the masses is not limited to services such as Facebook or Instagram. Television, commercials, music and movies are still inadvertent forms of subliminal communication. Artistic self-expression inspires new ways of thinking, as well as new ways of programming. (The Common Cause Foundation, 2013). This is why many programs conclude with some type of underlying message which the viewer may be able to relate to. While this concept of moral development is not a new one, the standards which are conveyed nowadays are a different matter. Regardless of one’s personal perspective, it is a well-known fact that America has become very accepting towards the LGBTQ community over the past couple of decades. In one episode of Family Guy, the television program which I will be referencing, Lois describes Quagmire’s post-op transsexual mother as something “which is now great.” This show has shown clear support of the sexual liberation movement, and has become one of the most widely known adult cartoons in America. While this statistic cannot be attributed to the show alone, the support for homosexual marriages in the United States is now 55% (Pew Research Center, 2016). Family Guy and other popular television programs can be seen pushing elements of pop culture, including the social aspects.Adult cartoons especially seem to make themselves self-evident that they are aware of the influence that they have over their viewers. Seth Macfarlane’s Family Guy has made this one of the show’s signature points. In many episodes, a certain character or group of characters assume the role of an antagonist, who is often disliked throughout the episode by everyone else. One such example includes an episode where Brian, the family dog, is irrationally mistreated and judged by his family as well as the rest of the town. This is due to his logically conveyed views of atheism, which he professes his belief in. In turn, everyone blindly persecutes him, making hypocrites of themselves as “Christians.” It is very easy for the viewer to see how foolish and hostile the other characters are treating Brian, especially on the basis of their “Christian faith.” In the times that we live in, Christians are often viewed as bigoted, misguided and generally unpleasant. Family Guy, as well as other TV programs, have made light the beliefs and stereotypes of Christians, Jews, and other sects of these religions. In a couple of episodes, Jesus Christ is portrayed as an average, frat boy-esque manner. He is often the subject of immoral actions, indirectly implying the shows views on Christianity.
I would say that the seemingly anti-religious propaganda of Family Guy is successful in promoting its message. However, the messages are common ones, and they are communicated in virtually all forms of media. These types of programs aren’t likely limited to merely promoting sexual liberation and anti-religious beliefs. Regardless of the messages which are intended in art, I believe that this is another successful example of moral programming.

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