The Epidemic of Bad Eating Habits

Published: 2021-09-07 04:15:17
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Bad Eating
Junk food is what we are calling the new normal way of eating today. Most families live in a food desert. Once that was not the case when most families like yours and mine had home cooked meals all the time. Most mothers in those days stayed at home, but now times have changed. When teaching kids how to eat a plethora of various colors of healthy foods, we are teaching them proper nutrition and how to be successful as they ‘re growing up. This does not mean that they are poor and or low income, it mostly depends on what part of town they are living in and how far a distance to a local grocery store or a mega grocery store that must travel.
But, instead, they have access to minimarts that are way overpriced. Since a rough estimate of 20 percent of households does not have cars or any kind of vehicles of their own, they mostly rely on the buses and other public transportation systems. This expends time and money to get to a local grocery store or a mega grocery store. With this ongoing problem, it is no wonder why we have the incline of obesity and childhood deaths as a society, we are pretty much dying and we are the ones who are killing ourselves. As for the few of us who are already having to take a hard look at ourselves, it makes you wonder how and why did I let this happen to me and my family?We might as well consider living an unhealthy life the same as committing a major crime. Here is one idea that you could always try. Get your kids in the kitchen and make cooking and grocery shopping a family event, not just the same old thing of DO NOT GO INTO THE KITCHEN WHILE I AM COOKING. That does not work and that is teaching your children that cooking is some sort of tricky experiment or that you ‘re just sheltering them, yes cooking is the same thing as a science experiment but it ‘s something that needs to be continually taught throughout their lives because once they move out you want the ease of mind that your children will know how to cook for themselves. But also staying physically active is another main goal some grocery store companies are well aware of what is happening and they are also taking matters into their own hands and are able to assess the situation without any sort of financial help from the government. To set up grocery stores in areas that do not have any and sell what the people are wanting but still on a budget i.e. Full fresh fruit and vegetable produce, full fresh meats and dairy and deli and bakery all full sizes in those areas with the idea of still being able to educate and show demonstrations of what to do with the various fresh organics that are being sold and also having recipes to help give a wide variety of ideas for good healthy meals especially in the hard-hit area for example the downtown or inner cities and their surroundings that do not have actual grocery stores they just have fake store claiming to be different sizes based on the government ‘s chart for grocery stores but they mainly sell junk foods alcohol products and tobacco products and they almost do not have a grocery section unless you count dried noodles and chips and etc.…
Which it is jack shite of anything when you have those types of stores they are luring you into them because they know they can make buck off of you and your desperate and hungry we all know that feeling, but you ‘re just going to end up being a ticking timing death ball and the government needs to step up and take action and these so called grocery stores need to go who ‘s going to want to drive for miles or take public transportation for miles just to go grocery shopping nobody not even me because I know it ‘s not worth it? To be honest, it what most people view it as until it happens to them, I honestly do not have to hear about someone especially a child being buried due to weight-related death Gracie Cavnar and others just like her are working and researching and doing whatever they can to be able to get healthy foods and lives back on track I am reminded about a former Food Network star who is going around the world mainly in the U.S. educating kids as young a kindergarten about eating and living a healthy lifestyle since he sees it as a form of abuse and neglect that these kids are obese and they ‘re 10 years of age and younger and it ‘s a scary truth that we are facing today so what are you going to do to help stop this epidemic?

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