A Men's Understanding of Feminist Movement

Published: 2021-09-15 00:05:09
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FEMINISM- a word which gives a great sense of power- has become a message unfortunately trolled whenever used on the social step and if I may say so- very rightly today! As a serious movement started and explained as the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes has been highly misunderstood and marketed by brands that send across a message to the masses without realising that the society is definitely misjudging the movement.
Women are attacking women and all the money goes to “fem-vertisements” that are objectifying women and calling out on a feminist message. Take a look at some of these fashion adverts to start with.Ariel Levy rightly questions- “Why is this the “new feminism” and not what it looks like: the old objectification?” in her book Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture
When I asked a thirteen year old girl what feminism means to her she said “A bold woman who wears lipstick, dresses sexy and smokes a cigarette” I was horrified! On asking she said that that is the message she gets on social platforms! This is the state of social information consumed by most people because this is the message put across by most brands! The wrong message is spreading like a plague, so much so that people are actually coming up with videos and articles explaining what feminism actually is (including the one you’re reading right now) than actually working on creating equality for women.
As Samantha Ashlee explains in her article “Toxic Feminism is a handicap to the feminist movement” where men and women do not want to be identified as feminists anymore because of the negative connotations attached to the word itself!
According to me feminism is not about your choice, it is being able to make your own choices without having to surrender your decision making power to anybody. A home maker and a working woman can both be idealised as growth of feminism if they take their career decisions for themselves and are supported through these decisions. Actresses should not be judged on their features and “figure” but rather on their acting ability, just like actors are. Glorifying women who achieve something is not as important as helping more women to get where they are today.
I don’t support protests like “Burn your bra” or “Do not wax”- Let that be your choice. Wax if you want to, don’t if you do not support the idea- now thats being able to choose. GLORIFYING the lesser done and accepted (in this case not waxing) is NOT FEMINISM.
More men should be made a part of this movement and not by wearing T-shirts with slogans stating “I am a feminist” but by actually working towards educating other men and questioning themselves in fact every time they judge a woman. Their judgement creates stereotypes. This is something that women should be educated towards as well but here I dominantly state a Man’s role as more important because that has a bigger impact today. Not because men have more authority but because some women do not have these rights and others are fighting everyday and not being heard by those who do not consider the importance of this movement or the ones who are just spreading it as a toxic movement.

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