The Henry Cavill Workout for Man of Steel

Published: 2021-09-14 21:15:09
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If we take a look at all of the different DC heroes, Superman is definitely one of the most powerful and strongest. When you’re offered a role as Superman, you better believe it’s time to get Superhero jacked! Are you a fan of immortals? How about Henry Cavill? I think that you’d totally agree with me when I say he had a great physique in that movie. Sure, he wasn’t massive but he had a fit, athletic appearance that is very attainable to the average Joe. As with many actors taking on roles that call for action and fantasy themes, Henry Cavill was required to put some effort into really looking the part. Henry exudes the image of a gorgeous Greek God with a confidence that comes on strong; along with a perfectly shaped muscular body. His “Man of Steel” work-out is very popular among millenials. He went through structured and intensive workout training and followed a strict diet to achieve the muscular and chiseled physique required to play the role of Superman. So let’s have a look into the diet and workout routine of award winner Henry Cavill.
This article will explain and help you understand exactly how he was able to accomplish his goals with his strict training regimen and powerful diet. The Henry Cavill Work-out for his role in the Man of Steel gave him the opportunity to lean bulk the proper way; he added definition and muscle to all the right areas while keeping his total overall body fat just under 10% throughout the duration of his training. His work-out also allowed him to gain 19.3 pounds of muscle in just 9 months of training and preparation, bringing his body weight from a slimmer 175 lbs to a very chiseled and muscular 194 lbs. People might be slightly surprised to hear that he was still under 200 lbs at 6’1”. If you maintain a very low overall body fat and add muscle properly, you can usually look 10-15 lbs bigger than you really are. With Hollywood’s media and camera Gods as well as Hollywood tricks; Wearing an extremely tight superman costume you can create the illusion of looking 20-30 lbs larger than you really are. Henry followed a super intensive and powerfully transforming program for 5 months to get his perfect physique and achieve muscle status like he did.HENRY CAVILL DIET PLAN
Henry’s diet plan includes foods very rich in protein and energy. Provided below is a basic example of the regular calorie intake that he needed to follow throughout the duration of his 5 month training regimen and a few examples of clean eating.
The main calorie cycle for mass should focus on eating clean, high- quality proteins and good fats. Try to avoid most sugars, starches and avoid eating fast food to control calorie intake. A sample program could look similar to this:
Protein shake made with blending 1 banana, 1 scoop of protein powder, an assortment of mixed berries and 260 ml of unsweetened almond milk for breakfast.
Hummus with carrots and celery for a mid-morning snack.
Chopped turkey breast with a large salad and vegetable soup for lunch.
Evening snack included 1 apple with almond butter on occasion.
His dinner included a large portion chicken breast with some honey and chili sauce.
Week 1-2: 3,500 calories daily; Included 2 or 3 clean high quality whey protein replacement shakes daily.
Week 3-6: 3,500 calories daily; Included 2 or 3 clean high quality whey protein replacement shakes daily.
Week 7-8: 4,000 calories daily; Included 2 or 3 clean high quality whey protein replacement shakes daily.
Week 9-10: 5,000 calories daily; Included 2 or 3 clean high quality whey protein replacement shakes daily.
Week 11-12: 3,500 calories daily; Included 2 or 3 clean high quality whey protein replacement shakes daily.
Henry Cavill had to follow a strict and physically intense workout routine for his role in “Man of Steel”. His training mainly included Heavy Weight Lifting along with a variety of
Cardiovascular workouts and a structured mixed martial arts training program. Below is the main workout plan he followed weekly. By following this intensive routine along with the guidance of his long time personal trainer; this helped him get in the best shape of his life to play Superman for “Man of Steel”. The trainer for Henry Cavill in this movie is the same one who trained the crew in the movie 300 which, therefore, it gives a clear indication of how intensive and tough a workout the actor must go through to have achieved his six pack abs and full body definition. Henry Cavill’s workout philosophy and main goals were to gain muscles quickly and reduce fat fast, for which he exercised rigorously. His extreme workout schedules included circuit exercises in which each part of the body is trained intensely until exhausted. The Cavill Work-out for his role in The Man of Steel will get you in prime shape both physically and mentally. The work-out follows basic principles for training to achieve his results.

Power-lift: To train effectively, you must continually power lift. This is one of the milestones of strength training along with doing squat variations & bench press lifts.
Full Body-Weight Training: Master the discipline with body-weight training. Push ups & pull-ups helped him maximize his body gains and achieve impressive strength increases.
Dual Hybrid Workouts: Cross training is another requirement of the Man of Steel workout. Implementing multiple different training techniques into his routine. Gym based moves for heavy body-weight lifts and dumbbell lifts.
Animal Training: This means that you must be willing to train and move like an animal. Run, jump, climb and crawl until exhausted

Monday (Upper-body & Strength)

Dual Incline Dumb bell presses –Complete 4 sets of 6 repetitions
Flat dumbbell presses – Complete 4 sets of 5 repetitions
Weighted pull ups – Complete 4 sets of 6 repetitions
Dumbbell or barbell row – Complete 4 sets of 5 repetitions

Tuesday (Lower-body & Strength)

Upper Calf Raises – Complete 4 sets of 7 repetitions
Front Squats – Complete 5 sets of 7 repetitions
Front & Side Lunges – Complete 4 sets of 5 repetitions per leg
Dead-Lift Raises – Complete 4 sets of 5 repetitions

Wednesday- (Rest and recovery day)
Thursday (Back & Chest, Hypertrophy)

Seated Cable Rows – Complete 4 sets of 10 repetitions
Incline Dumb Bell Presses – Complete 4 sets of 8 repetitions
Weighted chin ups – Complete 4 sets of 7-9 repetitions
Cable Cross-overs – Complete 4 sets o 6 repetitions

Friday (Arms & Shoulders, Hypertrophy)

Seated Dumb-Bell presses – Complete 5 sets of 8-10 repetitions
Front Lateral raises – Complete 5 sets of 10 repetitions
Side Lateral raises – Complete 5 sets of 10 repetitions
Bicep curl variations – Complete 6 sets of 8 repetitions
Tricep Extension variations – Complete 5 sets of 8-12 repetitions

Saturday and Sunday (Rest and relax)
Use the weekend for proper rest and relaxation time. Basic stretching or walking is fine.
The bulking phase’s of his Olympic-style weightlifting included lifts that would build muscle, extreme power and ultimately strength. Cavill also used a heavy barbell lift for bulking up, with a variety of platform exercises including a front-and-back squat combo, a split jerk, a front squat, a side and push press, a double clean pull and lastly and power and hang clean lift.

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