The Horrible Experience of a Catfished

Published: 2021-09-29 18:35:07
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On a sunny September afternoon in Lubbock, Texas, Carlos Jacob was scrolling through his Facebook news feed, looking for that special someone who he can call, “his.” Halfway through, he receives a notification. A beautiful girl named Cat, who attends his school, messaged him with a simple, “Hello.” Carlos immediately finds this girl attractive, and quickly replied back to her. Throughout the entire day stretching into evening, Carlos and Cat carry on their conversation about school and how their classes are going. Carlos is really interested in this cute girl, and is possibly falling for her. The day comes to an end as they both go their separate ways and log off for the night.
The next day at school, Carlos searched the halls for Cat. Between switching class periods, Carlos always kept his head on a swivel, but there was no sign of Cat. Later that day he races home and quickly logs onto his account. Without a hint of hesitation, he asks Cat where she was at school, but to his disappointment, there was no reply. To his surprise, at 8:00 pm he got a message from Cat, saying, “Sorry for not being at school today, I came down with the flu.” ending their conversation. Before logging off for the day, Carlos noticed that Cat has 2 mutual friends, and only 10 friends total. Carlos began to get suspicious, and started to ask Cat some basic questions: where she’s from, where she lives, and what’s her favorite hobby. Cat promptly changed the subject, and began to dodge the questions. She kept redirecting the questions to Carlos. Now skeptical, he proceeded to ask more questions, as Cat makes herself very conspicuous with each answer. After many strange responses, Carlos finally decided to ask Cat if she would like to, “hang out,” and spend the day with each other. Cat, taking an hour to reply back to Carlos, surprisingly agreed to meet up with him that Friday. Throughout the week, Carlos was ecstatic and on a, “High Horse.” He was super excited for Friday to come. The week that felt like forever finally came to an end, and it was Friday. They decided to meet up at the Dollar Tree near Carlos’s house. Carlos informed Cat that he was going to be in a white Dodge Charger with rims, as Cat said she will be in a Maroon SUV. Carlos showed up and spots his dates car at the end of the parking lot, consumed by the shadows. He found it kind of odd due to the fact it was 10:00 at night, and not one car was in the parking lot. He slowly pulls up to the car, cautiously taking steps to his dates window. As he approaches the vehicle, three masked men jumped out of the SUV, wrapped a bag around Carlos’s head, threw him in the back of the car, tied both of his legs and hands up, pointing a gun to his head.In a matter of seconds, Carlos was being kidnapped and not one of in his family members or friends had a single clue. The time period that Carlos was in that car, he was beaten until he was unconscious. Hours passed and Carlos found himself tied to a metal chair with a towel lodged in his mouth. He was frightened and had no clue where he was. Still delusional, he began to shout, “HELP!” but nobody could even hear him. To his surprise, the three men came out and confronted Carlos, still hiding their identity with the masks. The men stated that they were human traffickers and were going to traffic Carlos to London, drug him, and use him as a slave. Back in town, Carlos was soon reported missing by his family, and an Amber Alert was sent out.
A few weeks pass, and there was no sign of Carlos Jacob, not a word nor clue where he may be, or who might have done it. On a Saturday afternoon, his mother received a call from a Lubbock Detective named, James Harris. He informs her she has to come down to the station immediately. They found Carlos in a remote location just outside the city of San Antonio, Texas. The detective told his mother Carlos is undergoing brain surgery in the San Antonio Emergency room, due to the fact he was being beaten unconscious, and the blows he took to the head. The detective explained that Carlos was baited and set up by human traffickers, posing as a female student at Carlos’s High School. They made a place and time to plan the attack. When the day came they kidnapped him, beat him, and tortured him. He is going to need some serious help, mentally and physically. Later that year, Carlos recovered from the traumatic experience and found help and support groups throughout his community.
The advice Carlos has for the youth generation is, never give someone you think is real your location or private information. Always be smart when on social media, never believe what the picture shows you, or what they tell you who they are.

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