The Images "Create an Illusion of Consensus"

Published: 2021-09-04 18:20:19
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Sontag has criticized the use of images, especially by using the media platform. The coverage is large and not all people want to see the horrible tragedies because some of them have already moved beyond what has taken place. The media, therefore, can cause tension and increase anxiety among people who may react negatively to the community. By using the media as a channel to share information Sontag has discarded the notion that the use of horrible images can be used to desensitize what used to shock and increase the reaction of the people in the society. According to Sontag, a majority of people have gone silent, and they have lost the ability to react to the most critical matters that are regarded as important in the society.
The only solution that can be considered to be ethical is to limit the exposure of the terrible images to the public. At the same time without the regulations and control, it would be almost impossible to achieve these goals because people have different views and attitudes that are aimed at improving the overall situation and thus create growth among the population. The images are the ones that have contributed to the horror that people are experiencing and it is rhetorical that they are still released to the public. “You, Sir, call them “horror and disgust.” We also call them horror and disgust”. It is an indicator that each person is not pleased with the content that is put across in the media, especially from the pictures that show the horrible tragedies and the encounters that the people had to go through during the times of war.Sontag does not agree so much with the position of Woolf, who she thinks that she has taken a feminist position and she thinks it is not comprehensive enough. Sontag uses the term we to demonstrate that if we consider the challenges of their people as well as their pain, then it would be quick to understand the measures that should be out in place to improve how we relate with one another in the community. At the moment there is no need as to why people should take the pain of others for granted and yet they can use it as a way to improve the overall well being of the rest in the community. According to Sontag the distinction that should be made will arise if people are granted to the subject of looking into the pain of others. In conclusion Sontag explains that there should be a distinction that should be made between the women and men based on the reactions of portrayal which should be used to improve the perception of the people and also ensure that they increase the reality among the society by observing and responding to the images that arise as a result of war.

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