The Importance of Academic Writing

Published: 2021-09-12 15:20:12
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Academic writing can be a difficult topic to learn and get the hang of, but it is a seemingly important skill everyone should learn to accomplish. Academic writing can strengthen your skills and knowledge. It is used in journalisms, Newspapers, and even comic books. Practicing writing skills can improve your knowledge in english as well in grammar usage. Writing is used in many ways from novels, academic books, mathematics and many more areas of our lives we don’t realize. However, it can improve brain activity and may improve you to think quicker.
Academic writing teaches students to analyze each others writing to gather their own opinion and to understand the opinions of others. Also it teaches them to be able to take in what they read to learn and obtain new knowledge. It allows students to better understand what they may be studying and better express why they have trouble writing. Essays are great practice for students struggling with writing, it gives them a chance to practice, improve, and better use of terminology. Academic writing also focuses of technique and style, which can help and student to grow stronger in the subject. It is important for students to experience many styles of writing such as: APA, MLA, Essays, and Free writing to improve their skills. Academic writing also helps to improve critical thinking as well to understand argumentative point of views, and express their point of view more freely. It’s a extremely important skill to learn in life because, it trains you to think differently, better use of words, and exercises the brain. It’s also a good way for students and adults to read something new and interesting. Most students struggle with writing but, However, with a little practice, patience, and hard work you are bound to improve.Writing actually plays a major role in mathematics in many ways to be surprised. Math isn’t just about numbers and mathematical equations it’s so much more than that. Writing helps to better understand how to learn certain math such as; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebraic equations, algebraic expressions, and complicated mathematical word problems. Also there are many definitions that explain certain algebraic formulas, and vocabulary that you need to know to be able to do the math the proper way. Writing in math helps you become better at critical thinking and helping you to figure out how to work a problem correctly. Therefore if you are able to transition your math problems you work into word you can easily find out why you got the answer right or wrong. So never think writing isn’t used in math so many people make the mistake of thinking it will not be used in this subject; when in fact it is used in almost every subject.
To be surprised academic writing is also used in the medical field of surgical technology. In the medical field you must read to learn about the anatomy,bones, and other things that deal with the body. There are so many things to learn in the medical field there is no way you can memorize it all. We have to learn terminology, which is breaking down the word into three parts to understand the suffix, prefix, root, and combining form of a word to put together the definition. Our job also involves writing charts which to be written properly with no errors to avoid a medical confusion which can be harmful. We have to be able to understand instructions written for certain surgerys so that the surgeon has the right instruments necessary to complete the surgery. We also have to read about certain techniques for passing instruments in the correct way to the surgeon. Writing also helps us to better understand what happens during and whats suppose to happen during specific surgerys. Writing not only helps us understand complex things in the medical field it also helps with the pronunciation of ridiculously huge words that we have to be able to pronounce correctly. So therefor writing is also a necessary requirement in the medical field.
In conclusion academic writing is used in our everyday lives even though we are not always aware. It is not only used in novels, magazines, journalism, newspapers, and an academic requirement in school. It is also used in mathematics, medical fields, and many other things. I think everyone should be skilled and practice academic writing as it is a very important skill to have. Especially writing a resume for a job the better written it is the more of a chance you have at getting the job you want. It’s actually been proven to improve critical thinking, grammar usage, and spelling. It also makes it easier if you practice writing on a regular basis so the next time you have to write a paper it doesn’t seem so hard. Academic writing also can improve your reading skills and further your knowledge. Writing on a regular basis helps to prevent writer’s block and other complications. Even though I’m sure academic writing is the most loathed subject in school it still is necessary throughout life. In addition to writing to help you write better you must first fully understand proper english rules like, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctive phrases, prepositional phrases and many more rules to be able to write a successful paper. Having to write this report on academic writing has taught me why academic writing is so important and how we use it in our everyday lives.

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