The Important Facets of Web Designing that Focus on User Experience

Published: 2021-09-10 16:20:09
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Web designing is often quite tricky, and though there is a lot of information about this subject, still a designer can feel overwhelmed in the initial phase because there are a number of things which have to be taken under consideration while creating a web application.
Providing consistent user experience across all types of electronic deviceIn the present era, numerous gadgets are used for accessing the Internet which includes Notebook, tablets, etc. Therefore it can be understood that visitors are browsing websites through different kinds of devices. Whena particular visitor comes to visit a specific site using any type of device, then it is vital to ensure that the website is designed to provide a suitable experience regardless of the piece of equipment they use for accessing the site. The experience of the internet user should not vary depending on the gadget, for example, the features that are loaded when a website is viewed through a desktop should not get altered when the same site is accessed by using a smartphone. This is the first priority of any professional UX designer which is to maintain a consistently good experience of the user across all the gadgets which are used today for browsing on the Internet.
Simplicity in terms of website navigation
The task of designing might be difficult, but the final design that is applied to build the website should provide users with a space that allows easy navigation. Navigation is deemed as the keystone for ensuring usability. Making the site overtly gaudy will not count as a positive factor if the online visitors are feeling lost within site. This often happens when designing is centered on beautification rather than on user experience. This is a vital aspect, so simplicity and clarity have to be maintained no matter what.
The viewable structure of the website should be kept simple so that any visitor can easily understand the services that it is providing and secondly the navigation ought to be understandable. It should be designed while keeping the client’s perspective in mind. In a website, there is more than one page, but care should be taken that the system designed for navigational purposes ought to remain the same. Reducing the number of clicks on the path of the client is also a good strategy for designing efficient navigation because if the user can reach a suitable page on the website with minimum clicks, then it is treated as a big positive in terms of user experience. A perfect UX Strategy will definitely place considerable emphasis on the designing of navigational tools.
Ensuring visually detectable Changes with respect to previously visited links
This is also a part of designing a successful navigational system when it comes to user experience. While people browse the internet, it is not always possible to keep track of the web pages they have visited. In the case of the website if the internal links change color when a user clicks on those, then it will alert the user that those links have already been visited. Sometimes internet users often make the mistake of visiting the same web page twice, and this can irritate them, but if the website provides a clearly detectable change in the links that have been visited, then it makes it easier for the user to navigate within the website. Hence this is an appropriate way to reduce the browsing time of the user while searching for something worthwhile within a website by clearly highlighting the links of the visited pages.
Keeping links that are viable
In many cases, it has been observed that the journey of an internet user ends with a 404 error. This is greatly disappointing for any individual who has clicked on a link in awebsite. Therefore for a website designer checking all the links for ensuring that all of those are functional and do not revert to an error message is vital. If a person sees anerror message when he/she clickson a website link, then it creates a negative opinion and is also a failure of the designer in promoting positive user experience. Hence checking all the links more thanonce is mandatory for removing errors before the website is launched for public use.
The sequential arrangement of important information
When a website is designed, the prime object of focus should be situated in a location that will immediately receive the attention of any online visitor as soon as the site is clicked. The rest of the aspects should be arranged in a sequence of priority so that the visitor knows where to look for and what to look for. If a website doesnot feature the prime aspect properly, then it will disengage the attention of the visitor as he/she will not be able to understand the service of the website. For example if a user wishes to sign up to the newsletter of company that link should be present on the website right on top in an area that is easily seen but if that same thing is given at the bottom or in a different page then it will become difficult for the user to find that sign up icon which will denigrate the user experience.
Inserting hyperlinks or links in content appropriately
While formatting the content, web designers often insert text that opens another informative dialog box or lead to another page. Content also consists of underlined or italicized text. Therefore while creating the content care should be taken to specifically highlight the words of links in such a manner so that it stands out form the remaining content. Another thing that needs equal care is that normal content shouldnot appear as hyperlinked matter. Therefore,uniformity should be maintained while creating links in the content, so that is easily recognizable.
Hence the effectiveness of UX applications depends on the concise development of the website keeping the viewer in mind in all instances.

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