The Influence of the Moon on the Earth

Published: 2021-09-13 23:25:09
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The moon is crucial to life on Earth as it brings tidal changes, maintains Earth’s regular climate, moulds our politics and contributes to phenomenal astronomic and other scientific research. These four factors maintain the Earth’s feasibility for living. This is through them maintaining our evolution, not only by moulding the physical state of Earth, but also by changing the social attributes of our generations. Therefore, the moon is crucial for life on Earth.
Firstly, the moon is a banality for Earth’s continuation of life through creating tidal changes on Earth and subsequently, sparking evolution to our flora and fauna. According to ABC Education, tidal changes empower our flora and fauna to evolution by adapting to the environment. Furthermore, according to Sciencing, tidal changes are important due to generating tidal energy in hydroelectric plants. This means that the tides caused by the moon not only aid with the evolution of Earth’s living organisms, but also generate energy which can be input into power sources that light up our houses, schools, factories and much more. Therefore, moon’s creation of tidal changes is crucial to our life on Earth, through sparking evolution and generating power.Furthermore, the moon is extremely important due to managing Earth’s climate and preventing any sudden temperature swings. According to ABC Education, the removal of the moon will guarantee that our temperatures will wildly switch from “boiling hot to below zero”. This will make life on Earth extremely harsh and even inhabitable, due to us not having developed immunity systems that appropriately regulate these abrupt climate changes. It can be deducted that the moon is then extremely important, because without it, we would all pass away due to sudden temperature swings.
Additionally, political and social changes is another important asset the moon brings to life. According to The Guardian, the Apollo 11 aided with the assertion of America’s global dominance. This turns to spark a conflict between the Soviets and Americans, as space travel was a large measure for a country’s achievement. Therefore, the moon, as a central piece for space exploration, has boosted the development of the political state of America, bringing in many historical changes, such as the Cold War, which ended to develop our present world.
Finally, the moon is beneficial through contributing to crucial scientific research that astronomers and other scientists can then apply to create ground-breaking discoveries and inventions. According to The Conversation, the moon is used for historical scientific exploration, discovering about Earth’s past. This makes the moon extremely important, as without it, we might have not taken a scientific glimpse at our past. Therefore, the moon can be beneficial as an important research tool for astronomers and other scientists wishing to study Earth’s past, as well as other areas of study.
Conclusively, the moon is of extreme importance for the continuation of human life, as it brings in tidal changes, manages Earth’s climate to be constant, manufactures political, and subsequently, social changes and, accumulates towards innovative scientific research. These accumulate to shape our Earth’s society and environment today. Additionally, this helps us to reach future evolutions and innovations. Therefore, make sure to preserve and value the moon!

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