The Life Challenges in High School

Published: 2021-09-29 20:40:10
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I would say that high school students should live in the present and be more aware that life will inevitably change when it comes to friends and studying. Friends will come and go in your life and I believe that students focus too much on who their friends with and getting upset when they leave them. They should just live in the moment because you never know what fate has in store for you. You can either regret losing your friendship later on in life or look back at how much fun you had. Furthermore, studying is very important but you should also learn to have a social life. You should not try to isolate yourself because you may not get a chance again to have fun or make fond memories with your friends. Studying will always be a part of your life but you should not let life pass you on because you may regret it later on in life when you look back at your high school experience.
Individuality means to me that you should be yourself and not change just because someone does not like you or does not like your personality. Three ways that individuality can be achieved in high school would be trying out for teams/clubs that you have an interest for. Having a group of friends that let you be who you are. Thirdly if you fail you should always try again. The challenges that stand in the way of these forms of individuality would be students bullying one another because they are different. Another challenge would be being too sacred to try out for a team/club because you do not fit the status quo. This is very important for a person as they grow older because it shapes who you are as an individual and what type of person you will become in the future.Three sentimental attachments/fears that young adults face when they are transitioning from high school to the next stage of their life would be getting accepted into university, getting good grades, and thinking of what they want to become in the future. In my opinion these three sentimental attachments/fears are justified. The quote “Let me hold onto the way it was before I knew anything else.” This quote connects with grade 12 high school students since we all have to think about what we want to do after school. We easily get stressed now over small things and this quote we can all relate too. I say this because before grade 11 started we did not really need to worry about university or decide as to what we want to be. Those were the easy times so this quote is very relatable.

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