The Magic of Red Tea

Published: 2021-09-13 17:10:08
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Red tea burns fat by gaining energy
That red tea burns fats, is something you should have heard other times but maybe they did not explain why. In the following article we will explain why pu erh red tea is effective to burn fat, in addition to other beneficial properties such as regulating cholesterol , detoxifying the body , preventing intestinal infections… Did you know that it is great against the hangover? Or what taken after eating prevents cavities? However, losing weight is often not a priority, or it is no more pioritary than feeling energized and active. Red tea is ideal to maintain weight and have energy. Ideal for people who have an active lifestyle.
I have an active lifestyle and I do not want to feel lazy because of the diet one of the things that get worse when you want to lose a few quilitos or at least you do not want to win them is the loss of energy. This need not be so. The pu erh will wake you up because it contains theine and the pressure rises slightly. Therefore, it is not advisable to drink more than four cups a day. But what if, for the purposes of the theina, we added a superfood like spirulina? Now we tell you.Red tea with spirulina
In addition to explaining why red tea is a very effective fat burning we also want to introduce you to our red tea with spirulina pick me up! What we have in our boutique both in bulk and in single-dose practices. Red tea and spirulina have added a pinch of oolong and pineapple so it is ideal for its taste (despite spirulina…) And for an active life. A dark tea pu erh with a little oloong sechung, spirulina and pineapple. This is a tea to activate metabolism, burn fat and have energy for the whole day.
Regulates cholesterol: what do we mean when we say that pu erh red tea lowers bad cholesterol? First, we must point out that there are two types of molecules involved in blood cholesterol: hdl (high density lipoproteins) and ldl(low density lipoproteins). The ldl molecules are those that can adhere in the blood vessels and that is why it is very important to control them. Hdl molecules , also called “good cholesterol”, are what prevent the adhesion of ldl molecules in the walls of blood vessels.
Therefore, an increase of these seconds and an equilibrium between both prevent cardiovascular diseases and other complications derived from the accumulation of ldl. It has been proven in several studies that the consumption of pu erh red tea lowers the level of ldl (bad cholesterol, to understand us) and increases the hdl (good cholesterol). Even in people who follow a diet high in fat. This is one of the first benefits that we will notice when consuming pu erh. Our cardiovascular health will improve. Our bad cholesterol will go down!
Red tea burns fat
It is also proven that the fungi resulting from the fermentation process that is carried out to produce the pu erh red tea are involved in the elimination of superfluous fats. That means that they accumulate in less quantity than if we do not drink red tea. Therefore pu erh is very useful for weight maintenance. Both black tea such as green tea may also have this property, but to a much lesser extent than red tea. This is due to these fungi resulting from the special fermentation of red tea. This fermentation can be up to sixty years. Yes, sixty years! And it is done in caves. Red tea is very special and it is not because in china they call it the tea of the emperors. If one of your goals is to get lower abdominal fat and not accumulate more. Red tea can be of great extra help along with a balanced diet and moderate daily exercise.
Explain to me what it means that “pu erh detoxifies”
Pu Erh accelerates the production of liver enzymes. This action is precisely what makes the liver work harder and better and increases its detoxifying work of the blood. For example, pu erh is the best tea to drink if you have a hangover, you know, because with it you will help your liver to eliminate alcohol.
Red tea prevents us from intestinal infections
Pu Erh is an ideal tea to take care of intestinal health. In china, it proved effective in curing intestinal infections such as dysentery. At the same time the resistance against the parasites increases. In addition, the red tea tannins exert a therapeutic effect on the mucous membranes of the intestines. For all this we can say that red tea is an excellent digestive and protective of the digestive system. As we can deduce from the latter, red tea is an effective antibiotic to destroy microorganisms. As for example the bacteria that end up producing cavities. This way, drinking red tea after eating is good for your dental health too.

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