The Makings of a Great Steak and Wine Pairing

Published: 2021-09-14 16:55:10
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For most individuals, celebrating a special occasion calls for a great bottle of wine. In fact, most patrons feel the need to pair this with mouth-watering dishes that truly commemorate the event. What better way to do this than by eating perfectly cooked steaks and drinking a glass of wine? Splurging on this delightful combination will surely make everyone feel every bit of a star.
Below are some pairings that should make your decision-making easier.Tenderloin and Pinot Noir
Aptly named, this cut of beef is completely tender. Despite visibly having less fat compared to its other counterparts, the flavor which surrounds this delicate piece can be quite mild and buttery. Often paired with sauces and other accompaniments, this dish considerably stands out from the rest.
Considered as the most desirable part of the beef, this cut is deemed as the most expensive out of the rest, making it a worthy indulgence for extraordinary celebrations. With its light flavor coating the palate, pairing this with a fruity and heartier style of Pinot Noir is ideal. Having a smoky flavor due to barrel aging, this choice of drink complements the meat’s finessed taste.
New York Strip and Cabernet Sauvignon
Complete with a full trimming of fat, the New York strip can do no wrong. In fact, it needs little to no addition, save for some salt and pepper. A glass of strong and hearty Cabernet Sauvignon makes a good match with the rich content of the New York strip. With its finely-grained tannins, this chilled beverage refreshes the palate with the right amount of acidity. Finish this off with a side of creamed spinach and gratin potatoes and you’re all set.
Rib Eye and Zinfandel
Rib-eye steak is one of the finest meats one could ever taste. Whilst not as tender as some of the other cuts, this flavorful slab allows you to enjoy its taste a little longer. With the perfect marbling of fat, these make for a filling and highly-satisfying meal. Since this cut is streaked with fat, a good bottle of Zinfandel would be an ideal partner. With its bold and grapy spiciness and high acidity, it would cut the richness brought by the fat content of the rib eye.
Porterhouse and Syrah
Another popular choice for meat-lovers out there is the porterhouse steak. Commonly known as t-bone, this is the perfect cross between a New York strip and a tenderloin. Laced with a generous trimming of fat marbling, this gives customers the best of both worlds. Served with a glass of Syrah, otherwise known as Shiraz, this medium-bodied wine provides an impeccable backdrop to a fine mix of black fruits and finely-grained tannins. Complete your meal with a side salad and red wine mushrooms and savor the wonderful medley in your mouth.
As a general rule of thumb, dishes containing high-fat content tend to mellow down the tannins and alcohol levels present. So, meats cooked rare or medium rare allows red wines to go down smoother. Remember these when picking the right drink to go with your luxurious meal. After all, nothing comes quite close in celebrating milestones in life with a thick slab of steak cooked properly in a fine-dining restaurant.

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