The Nature of World History

Published: 2021-09-29 12:20:10
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The life history of the world and the break-up of the history and are put together orderly and make meaning out of it. Historians face challenges on the study forces such as population movements, economic fluctuations, climatic change and how technology transfers because of lack of evidence, the Europe was the dominating country from the beginning of the industrial revolution, so everything changes happened on their account.
The nature of world environmental history
The world environmental history focus on the transformation in human history and relationship between human and natural history getting together. It is all about the changes that happens in the environment and how do they effect the people living in the environment. It forms the challenge by seeking for information and knowledge about the world in the different studies, that studies the earth history. Scholars are determined do understand the history of the development they all have goals to react.Earth history and human origins
It explains the development of our planet and every life forms. How geological and climate regimes can influence the human evolution. It is the homo ergaster developed and changed, and how they became the same with homo erreture.
Mass migrations and rise of agriculture
The hominids migrated from east Africa to Eurasia million more years ago, other migrants followed out of Africa about 100, 00BP because of the bad climate that was experienced and created nutritional bottled charge from hunting and gathering to agriculture changed the lives of homo sapiens the productivity increased and settlement and villages become larger.
Population growth and the rise of cities
For decades’ growth rates were not increasing even thought people were born, the growth was not increasing until the industrialization. After the civilization emerged, goods and services were protected in some points
Cities and the rise of manufacturing and industry
The growing of the population in the cities can be the reason for the growth manufacturing and industry that was discovered by Homo egasters. Until transformation from work shop to factory happened that increased production as the wealth creation made heavy cost and people were unequally as some experienced poverty. As for rural area life expentency became characteristics of living in the modern cities.
World trade and the new world ecology
Unlike the industrial work, the pattern of trading in consumer goods extended among many cities but yet the international market of exchange and its impact was never known. The slaves were imported for sugar plantation. The sun helped into transforming seeds into sugarcane and the plants and slaves would burn the fossil coal and brought the tea and sugar to the consumers and people were enslaved around the world.

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