The Number One Economy Sharing Platform

Published: 2021-09-10 18:00:09
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As a result of advancement in technology of this planet there exist numerous forum for comfortability and sustainance of life without going through a crooked or unpure way. Part of such is a technologically designed platform for model of economy which is often refers to as peer to peer related activity that enhace the provision, aqusition and sharing of privilege to commodites, services and goods inclusive that it’s facilitation comes from a platforms that is community based. As good as this process is, there exist some dilemmas which be source of concerns for all the platform engaged in this service. For the process of this service rendition, the solution had been packaged in a new platform which is trusted and decentralised network that is meant for the sharing of economics created by Guoyu Zhao named GSENetwork. With the plan and objective of tapping the great potential that exist in economic sharing and ensuring the development and transforming economy sharing of the whole universe and thereby creating a network that is interdependent of those who use and those who provides the services.The problems that GSENetwork is created to solve
We have taken time to study the dilemma of several platform that are involved in the Economic sharing and part of the discovered dilemma which have been corrected in GSENetwork are;
1. Lack of efficient interaction between the customers and various entities involved in economic sharing. Customers and economic sharing platform are not able to have an efficient interaction as a result of trust. Once trust is not established between a client and customer it will be difficult to transact under such atmosphere.
2. Censorship and huge fees. The platforms of centralization is potential answer, but it brought high transaction fees and also make customers Subject to censorship. There is also intermediary fee that are excessively huge.
3. Inability to mitigate risk, landscapes that are fractured, and the problem of monopoly are other dilemmas that are identified and solved in this new platform
Enjoyable benefits of making GSENetwork your economic sharing platform.
This platform is going to adopt a transparent, secure and save network that is powered by technology of block chain.
We have put in place DService which will provide robust service distention of infrastructures that will back economy sharing business up. This platform has woven the DService ( decentralized service) layer to architectural set up of GSEnetwork. This DService will help in the dispatching of order, building of system that will prevent fraud, creation of system which is multi dimensional that will rate the profiles of users and a price enhancing system.
This platform has an inbuilt mechanism for usage which helps to allow for transactions that are on-chain. With this mechanism in place, participant in GSENetwork shall be rewarded for all valid and successful transaction.
Distribution of GSE token
One hundred billion GSE will be the total volume of GSE with 0.00001GSE shall be the smallest unit. It’s distribution is as follows;
40% GSE shall be left aside for the building of the ecosystem.
20%GSE allocation goes to the foundation so as to make support available to the operation of the community.
20%GSE shall be for the investors that is private.
15% GSE IS for the team
5% GSE is for the advisors

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