The Origin of Human Creativity

Published: 2021-09-14 09:00:08
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“Human nature is not a machine to be built after a model, and set to do exactly the work prescribe for it, but a tree, which requires growing and developing itself on all sides, according to the tendency of the inward forces which make it a living thing” – John Stuart Mill, on Liberty, III
It is known that human evolution happened through the gradual development of primate man to Homo-sapiens. When human advancement started, needs came into their life for example hunger, protection of body from harsh weathers, protection from wild animals, interaction etc. These needs led them to perform activities like cooking, hunting, communicating, building a shelter etc. Each activity required different things to complete it. For example to perform the activity of cooking they required bowl or container or something in which they can keep their food and cook it so initially they started making containers with leafs in which they can cook their food as well as store it .They learned to control fire that allowed people to cook food, become healthier. Fire also provides heat, light, protection at night. To communicate, Humans began to draw on the walls of caves—probably other places too, but it has been preserved in caves which often depict hunting scenes. This is some of the first artwork and also an early attempt at written communication. That we now call cave paintings. For hunting or safety from wild animals they started making weapons with wood and hard rock like quartz, obsidian, flint etc. That’s how they learnt to fulfil their basic needs by using local available resources according to their understanding.
Gradually when humans started developing, their understanding and knowledge about the way of using resource around them also developed. Initially they made things just to complete basic necessities but then as the human mind evolved, people started looking at the objects around them creatively. After this, people started using their skills, knowledge about material and creativity for the purpose of self-expression. Earlier the things they made to fulfill their needs; later became the part of their lifestyle. Humans started living togather in groups, they started farming, they started controlling wild animals, along with farming they started making things (lifestyle products) all these changes created a new way of living life called Civilization. When civilizations started growing culture, religion, retuals, worship these factors started coming into being. Craft started becoming the way of expression to distinguish these factors. Every civilization developed their own craft related to these perameters.
As time passed by the civilizations grew in sizes, slowly the practice which emerged out of individual needs began being converted into a profession. Though the tradition continued the system became a complex one from individuals to social groups. Now the practice started evolving from the primary needs of oneself to the large group of people who adorned and valued craft and its tradition.

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