Main Reasons that Cause Stress

Published: 2021-09-29 11:05:10
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Stress is one of the great evils that afflict today’s societies. And if we do not cut it in time, it can end up giving us the can with some serious pathology of psychological origin, such as anxiety disorders or depression, which according to the WHO, is the first cause of disability at this time. But what are the main reasons that lead us to stress? In Sports and Life we explain them to you so you know if it may be happening to you.
Work stress
Certain levels of stress at work can even be beneficial, since they stimulate us and give us the batteries. However, having too many responsibilities, giving account to your boss or a bad relationship with colleagues can lead to severe stress that must be nipped in the bud, either taking a while, or looking for another job destination. There is even the Burnout Syndrome, which is characterized by a progressive physical and mental exhaustion, a lack of absolute motivation for the tasks performed, and especially by important changes in behavior in those who suffer it.Family problems
There are great sources of stress from the family: we may live with a loved one who is not in the best physical or mental condition and we have to take care of him, traumatic events such as the loss of a family member, economic problems at home, with our couple or even if we have children, who behave in an undesired way. The best we can do in these cases is, if it is a serious problem, seek psychological or psychiatric help.
Sentimental ruptures
Although not all sentimental ruptures are the same for everyone, the vast majority causes great stress and regret. Thinking if the other person has remade his life, stagnate, not be able to reorient our goals, stay locked up at home … there are certain cases in which psychological help is also required to overcome this type of trauma.
Big changes
A change, a change of city, the own emotional break and therefore ending with all those daily and routine activities that made us feel protected can be important sources of stress. Getting married or having children also causes some anxiety about the future, since we can have negative thoughts about a new stage in our life. There is only one place where you can live and enjoy, and it is this present moment, the one you have here and now, if you let your mind go to the past or future, you will stress and it will be an unreal stress, because you create yourself with your thoughts.
Toxic people
Whether in our circle of friends or in our own work, we can suffer from so-called “toxic people”. The ideal for a bad environment does not cause us stress, would be to spend as little time as possible with this type of people. But as often it is not possible, because it can be a family, or at work where we have to spend so many hours, it would be good if the little free time we had would be fully enjoyed, in order to balance the balance of negativity that we have had to be exposed.
To be well with others, first you have to be well with yourself to be alone. In the age of social networks, many young people feel alone or are too aware of mobile phone notifications, which can cause a high amount of stress. It is increasingly common to reduce the actual contact, by contact with the computer and other electronic devices. Years ago, people related more time face to face.

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