The Place of Cango in the Global Market

Published: 2021-09-13 19:10:09
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CanGo needs to install the (AS/RS) Automated Storage and Retrieval System in order to manage inventory successfully. We all know how time consuming and expensive, inventory management can be and this is one of the biggest headaches and needs to be implemented to effectively manage inventory. We recommend to change the way the orders and the physical inventory are handled and maintain an accrued inventory in the warehouse. CanGo knowledge they need to find another option to control and monitor the sales orders, inventory and the storage in order to process orders in a timely manner and avoid mistakes. In other words, the current warehouse layout will be changed and improved. Recommendations Needless to say that Jack’s proposal to increase the warehouse efficiency by using (AS/RS) will benefit CanGo in many ways. The new system will provide: Reliability and flexibility for future needs Increasing inventory accuracy and customer service Enhances product security Saves up to 85%+ of otherwise wasted floor space Inventory monitored in real time.
Customer calls in problem by dialing central information phone number. In order to get a customer service representative, the current system directs the customer to 5 level, it puts on hold the customer for an average of 20 minutes before customer service representative can take the call. Of course the customer will complain about the waiting time, by the time the representative pick the call, the customer will be very annoyed, and this terrible customer experience will build a bad reputation for the company. One of the biggest problems CanGo faces is returns and the current method is not building a good customer relationship. Every business has returns, and we need to find the way how to handle returned effectively. A good return policy is important for a customer service experience. If returns are complicated, the customers will not come back and we will ruin the overall experience.We will improve the call center, making it easy for the customer to get in hold with a representative in less than 5 minutes. The company will take 45 seconds to communicate the options. We’ve considered in outsourcing a call center in other to provide a faster service, making it easy for the customers to make business with CanGo, creating confidence, faster service and building a good relationship.
Consumer behavior
CanGo can’t identify their consumer’s behavior. The sales transactions are not being completed by their customers, living the orders in their shopping carts uncompleted. CanGo simply doesn’t know how to target their customers.
CanGo needs to know whom they are going after in order to be successful. The company needs to listen to the audience and understand their wants and needs. Nowadays we can create a campaign based on interest targeting using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Unbelievably, social media makes life easier for companies to promote, sales a product, to know their top interest, their gender, their demographic and lifestyle. If we want to produce the desired result, we need to know what the customers want before we start a campaign. Gango’s e-commerce team needs to manage the digital market more effectively and provide to the sales and marketing department the direction for a successful marketing campaign to attract customers. The marketing department also will analyze the trends, based on where we’ve sold our products, the age, gender and interest of our customers.
CanGo failing to attract the international market Waren and Andrew were talking about an increased in orders to Japan but he head of marketing, Andrew, had no clue about it. Andrew is not analyzing the data and Waren wants to attract young customers. CanGo teams haven’t been working to adapt the company to new markets. The attitudes and behavior of Japanese consumers are shifting dramatically, presenting opportunities and challenges for companies in the world’s second-largest retail market. The is a lot of potential in Japan, there are millions of Japanese workers who can’t take a day off. They spend most of their time at home and online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in spite of traditional reluctance and mobile technologies are empowering consumers to make better-informed purchase decisions.
CanGo is not looking at the market the right way, they assume the people need to know who they are and where they are, instead of analyzing a research to target the international market. Recommendations We know how important is to let the customers know, who we are and how to find us. First, we need to identify the right customer and transform the marketing presence online to attract customers. The marketing team needs to work closely with the IT department. The IT needs to drive visitors to the website. The IT department and marketing will target influencers, using social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Reddit etc. and be proactively engaged. This will not open opportunities in Japan, this will expand to there potential markets. We recommend making some videos to post them on social media, but most importantly, E-commerce needs to choose the right platform for the website, that will allow us to analyze the data. 5-Research and introducing new products CanGo is not a technology company and they want to develop a new product in the gaming industry.
We recommend CanGo needs to conduct a research before they develop the new product. We know the potential of this industry and games are here to stay. The total consumer spend on the video game industry $30.4 billion in 2016 (Source NPD Group). So let’s talk about demographics, who plays video games? They need to analyze the trends and consumer behavior and organize a marking campaign, a free trial such as 30 days of free subscription in order to target those markets. The game designer must consider new trends in games such as Virtual Reality ad MMO ( Massively Multiplayer Online ). The company needs to analyze what the customers are enjoying more in the game industry and conduct online surveys on several different aspects of the industry. We know the potential of this industry and games are here to stay.
Process and Delivery
I don’t see that CanGo’s management see how harmful for any company is to misplace orders placed by customers and send them the wrong item. CanGo is creating a bad reputation and losing potential customers.
Energetic consultants will train CanGo’s staff with the new order processing system in order to avoid error, supervising the staff on a daily basis, micromanaging, getting their feedback and identify areas that need to improve to diminish mistakes processing orders.

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