The Poem "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes

Published: 2021-09-03 11:35:11
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If you would be the son in the poem “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes, what would be the promises you may give to your mother? Well, simply I, as her son, the promises I would give are:
First, I promise to pick the right choice in my life, why? As John Maxwell said, “Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” It definitely means that our life is composed of many choices, we are the one whose manipulating and controlling what would be the choices we would choose. We as a human have what so called the Equilibrium of life, simply it means that every decisions and choices we’ve made are judged and weighed on a scale where we check if what choice is more superior, preponderant and dominant. We are able to know what is wrong from a right and what is right from a wrong. Imagine, you are harvesting inside a mango tree plantation, will you choose a raw fruit rather than a ripe and fresh fruit? Well literally, we would pluck the ripe fruit. It’s just that, the ripe fruit symbolizes the right choices and the raw fruits are the wrong choices we’ve made. We will be able to pluck or pick a right choice rather than a wrong choice. We are able to know what choice will give us the best benefit. As the son, i would promise to my mother that I should pick the right choices in my life.Second, I promise that I won’t climb the stair she took because I know for myself that the mistakes of my mother which reflected to me will never be done again. I won’t let my life be miserable. I won’t let myself to climb for a wooden stair. That’s life! We soar for the best and not for the worst. My mother did that, so I would never take the wrong path she did because it definitely told the outcome of that choice. I won’t let myself be drowned by my mistakes and just surrender in life. I must think for a better future not just for my mother but also for myself.
Third, I promise to climb a path with good deeds because the goodness you may give to others can cause positivity in your life. Honestly, me, as a person is very overwhelmed when I gave something good and that something is too much appreciated by the receiver. The simple smiles, the thankful words he/she might say, the smiley faces which is barely seen to his/her face can make my life harmonize, wonderful, marvelous and definitely can add a delight and positivity to my life as I ascent to the path I an walking upon.
Lastly, I promise to take the obstacles and challenges in life as a motivation to continue climbing for a crystal stair. As a quote says, “Life is full of challenges, but these challenges are only given to you because God knows your faith is strong enough to get through them.” Well, definitely life is accomodated by many many challenges that tests our faith to never surrender. These challenges makes us strong, it makes us tough, it makes us learn, it makes us fight, it makes us live, it makes us to continue, it makes us an unbreakable glass, it makes us an uncuttable paper and it makes us to have a faith and conviction to God. Why would you give up on something when you’ve started it? Take these challenges as the hurdles you can jump upon. Whatever the case, you can move toward your own success. We can overcome this challenges because we have a strong hold, a mind that functions and controls our whole well-being to continue climbing for our goals.
I therefore conclude that all of these commitments and assurances are not as simple as climbing a literal stairs where you can just skip on any levels you want. We may face challenges, barriers and obstacles in life but its not a valid reason for us to surrender. Its very clear that we can pick the right choices in life. Its very obvious that we can prevent choosing the wrong choices in life. Our life is metaphorically compared to a stair where we have the freedom to pick a stair of crystals rather than a stairs made up of a wood. Promises are meant to be broken but this promises aren’t meant to be. Its what we are targetting, we have a bulls eye to shoot for a best life. We have a musicians mind to hit the right notes in our life. We have a teacher’s mind to teach ourselves. We have a basketball player’s ability to shoot for a great life. We have a mother, a mother who tells us what we need to do for our own sake. We have ourselves that manipulates our mental, physical, spiritual, physicological way of thinking to neither give up nor surrender on the storms of life.

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