The Problem of Existence of Favoritism Within an Organization

Published: 2021-09-29 22:35:11
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When there is an existence of favoritism within an organization, there will be many negative effects arise for the company. It is also arising a confliction between top level management and middle, lower level management. Major disadvantages can be identified where a place with favoritism. Those are as follows.
Employees have lower morale. They are always demotivated because if they do the job right, they are not appreciated. Every employee is very concern about how they are treated by management. When favoritism takes place in an organization, it is simply described that no matter how employees do the job well, their effort won’t be rewarded if they are not one of the favored people within organization. It remains a question to employee that why am I not get promotions or any appreciation, what is the purpose of doing job well. This takes the overall company’s morale to very lower level, unfairness is very high and it is directly affected to the performance, financial position and also goal achievement.With the continuing of favoritism, then it follows resentment towards the top-level management by the employees. They might not follow orders of top staff. When unfairly favored employee behaves like this, favored employee can take advantage from this kind of situations. There will be an unnecessary competition between employees in the same organization. Over and again when employees suffer from favoritism by top staff, at a certain point they feel to give up the job. Desertion can be happened because they feel to quit instead of doing a job without at least little more appreciation. The company will lose superior staff and this will let the company to a high problematic situation.
When manger shows a favor to a certain employee than others, he knows that manger is friendly with me and I can give excuses for variances, he will accept those. These kinds of employees will miss out their duty expecting second chance from the manager. In addition, this can lead promoting less qualified person who is not ready for more responsibilities than a high qualified person to a high-level position.
Because of the combination of all these negative situations arise from favoritism, organizational growth will be slow down or decrease. Company will lose major valuable employees. Unnecessary people are conducting high positions. Sometimes they miss out duties and responsibilities. There is no clear accountability and demotivated employees. Mangers and subordinators are not walking for a common goal. Objectives and expectations of management and workers are conflicting.
According to our organization Srilankan Airlines, top management has recruited employees based on political relationships. In addition, one of its chairmen had been appointed because he is a schoolmate of Prime Minister of Sri Lanka at that time. After involvement of President that issue had been corrected. But still, at some situations favoritism and nepotism take place when taking decisions within organization. Power and the authority are used to favor certain person than others. There are no equal chances for everyone.

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