The Problem of Rape on College Campuses

Published: 2021-09-14 23:55:10
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It is obvious to anyone that rape is a terrible crime. What makes this crime worse is this unfortunate event is taking place on our college campus, a place that is designated for educational purposes, where students attend only for classes. However, nowadays, students are often feeling uncomfortable that their safety is at risk by simply attending classes. This problem may cause people to drop out and discontinue their education. Should rape be a reason why people lose their future? Although many people might think this is a serious problem that needs a solution as soon as possible, some believe there are other problems to be fixed on college campuses. For example, tuition, holidays, and other problems that might interfere with the student’s education. However, rape on college campuses is a serious problem because of the amount of women being raped, how people are reacting to it, and what we can do to fix this problem.
This problem occurs more than many people might believe or even expect. About 21 percent of the rapes that occur, takes place on college campuses. Statistics show that about 50 percent of the rapes that take place on campuses happen in the months of August, September, October, and November. Students are more often to get raped during the first couple of months of the first or second semester than the rest of the year. The sexual assault is as high as one out of two women. This is a high number of rapes for any place, let alone an educational institution meant for educational purposes only. These statistics show that this is a problem that needs immediate attention and an effective solution to keep the students safe from predators that might be roaming the campus looking for their next victim. This is an extremely dangerous circumstance for students who go to college for education, with a goal they are striving to accomplish. These facts make it almost unbelievable that some people do not feel it is important to take care of this issue.The victims of these crimes often do not report it. Although many people get raped on college campuses, only a few of them actually report it to the police or other forms of authority. There are many reasons why this happens. For instance, by telling the police or other authorities they think they will lose all control on where this information goes and who finds out about the crime that was committed. Students do not want other people to find out about the crime because of many reasons. Some reasons might be that it might give them a bad reputation around the campus or in front of the victim’s friends. People may not believe that it was rape, but it was done with consent. This may cause bulling towards the victim. Therefore, victims often keep this crime to themselves to save them from what they think is humiliation.
Although these crimes will take place whether we like it or not, there are many actions that students can take to help decrease the chances. For example, looking out for others help prevent the chances of people getting raped. Another solution might be responsible drinking. Drinking will increase the chances of rape and other crimes, since the intoxicated person is not using their brain at full potential. Respecting oneself and others help set the idea that people cannot take advantage of others. If all fails, then giving a clear way to show the other person that consent is not given may help significantly.
In conclusion, the amount of women being raped, how people deal with it, and fixing the problem are reasons why campus rape is a serious problem. Crimes like rape and others should not happen, especially in a place like educational institutions and other places meant for educational purposes. People should feel safe and comfortable walking to and from class. They should feel safe and free in their own college campuses. This could save the lives and futures of many students who might have outstanding and incredible dreams that they are passionate about accomplishing. This horrible crime that happens often on the college premises, may prevent many wonderful students from reaching their dream and may limit these students to only certain futures. Students futures should not be determined by whether a predator chooses them or not, but rather by the student’s hard-work and determination to their work. Stand up against rape, support what you believe. Support the students.

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