The Secret of Cointreau's Success

Published: 2021-09-01 10:20:12
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Cointreau is a famous company in France for its orange alcohol and this visit showed us the whole production process of its typical alcohol, starting from initial materials to final sales, including material choosing, manufacturing, packaging as well as advertising. Throughout the entire flows, we were showed how Cointreau operates its business and why it can be so successful.
The journey started from its materials, orange skins. When we entered in the room which contains material on display, we can know how strong the orange flavor is and how good material quality is since there are a large amount of appetizing-flavor orange skins and we could check the quality of orange skins. For some special reasons, Cointreau adopted its secret recipe by using both bitter and sweet dry orange skins instead of fresh ones used in some Spanish recipes, which makes Cointreau alcohol unique and famous.Then we visited the factories where workers make alcohol in daily life, it was really impressive since the equipment for manufacturing is so special, which suits specific requests for high quality alcohol. Also, for sanitation, the equipment must be cleaned carefully by high temperature and pressure after manufacturing every day, which makes sure food safety and typical Cointreau flavor. After visiting manufacturing part, we viewed the history of Cointreau foundation and family members. From the flow of history provided, women in this company played a leading role in foundation and prosperity, which makes this company more appealing and amazing since this shows its comprehensiveness and gender equality as a part of corporate culture.
Also, when we looked through the history of Cointreau, we knew that there is a secret recipe founded by Edouard Cointreau, the founder of Cointreau, based on the fact that traditional opaque liqueur was no longer popular at that period, then Edouard studied for a long time and finally in 1875, he created a recipe for crystal liqueur, also at the same time, he designed and used one-of-a-kind bottles and unique red circle labels for Cointreau, which maintains its constant enchantment during such a long time. In addition, the current owner of this secret recipe is a lady, which signals the balance and equality between genders in this company. After viewing the history of foundation, we went to the corridor of posters and advertisements, as well as the factory of packaging. We were shown the evolution process of advertisement, like various posters in different times as well as the various advertising on TV. It is shown that Cointreau is always updated from time to time.
Moreover, I noticed that there are some Chinese posters showing on the wall, which implies that Cointreau is a global company and its aim targets worldwide rather than nationwide or some specific areas such as Europe. During the journey of advertisement, we also had a view of the packaging process, it is clearly seen that mechanized manufacturing is used widely and the whole process is well-ordered and labor-saving, which shows its professionalization and mechanization.
This company visit of Cointreau is really eye-opening and gave me diverse and amazing experiences and I learnt a lot about corporate culture and leadership of Cointreau. In conclusion, this trip is so awesome, which shows that Audencia not only focuses on theories, but also practices, giving students more real practical experiences and helping us get used to the future work life in the studying time.

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