The Settlement of Jamestown

Published: 2021-09-10 20:35:09
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America, the nation characterized for its success and it victories over turmoil. It’s the nation that rose from its own ashes as Jamestown was permanently settled. A nation that corrected it immoral faults with the rise of ambitious leaders such as the famous Lucretia Mott. And the nation that escaped the Great Depression and won World War II shortly after. These are the most important factors of America’s past as they have shaped the country into what it is today.
The settlement of Jamestown was the United States’ greatest milestone in history. It was first permanent English colony and its success allowed the New World to be colonized into its present state. The Virginia Company of London established the settlement with funds and charters. The colony was abandoned for a short time before it became permanent. Even though success seemed out of reach as the colony commenced, its opulence was finally achieved.In accordance to Jamestown’s perseverance through trials and tribulations, supplies and newcomers, a vast majority Polish and Germans, were shipped out to the settlement. Without John Smith as an outstanding leader the colony would have never been pulled through hardships in its early stage. The intense cold winter and Malaria carrying mosquitoes almost caused the end of the settlement; however Smith was able to lead the remaining few into the next year. He became familiar with the surrounding Native Americans and implanted a “work to eat” system. With Smith’s new knowledge on agriculture and the Jamestown environment, John Rolfe was able to produce tobacco as a cash crop and more importantly the colony had food. Even with its unpromising climate, the agriculture eventually flourished. But alas, all good must come to an end as John Smith was forced to leave the settlement after an accident.
After his departure, Jamestown experienced an extreme time of starvation and hunger worse than when the colonists first arrived. However it also received its first shipment of African Americans, so there was definitely was still hope. Jamestown remained permanent against the odds of Smith’s departure, constant Native American attacks, a history of previous failed settlement, and the “starving time”. The investment of Jamestown was quite a risky one but, the colony rose up against the odds of its Malaria and starvation filled doom and gave America its foundation.
The famous abolitionist and suffragist Lucretia Mott was very successful in her ventures towards freeing African Americans and giving women the vote. From a family of Quakers, she held on to the beliefs of the religion. According to the William Penn, leader of the Quakers, slavery was evil and completely immoral. Her beliefs heavily influenced her rationality and reflected in her demands for change and correction. In addition to being a female, she attended a Quaker boarding school which sparked her desire for suffrage and the equal rights of women. To advocate these changes she attended the Seneca Falls Convention.
Mott performed multiple sermons promoting anti-slavery. As a result she helped found an abolitionist society for women in Philadelphia. This was known as the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society. With many runaway slaves about looking for refuge, she decided to shelter and house the fugitive slaves. These actions gave her leeway to perform in her next big movement.
After meeting Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the opportunity for creating a convention for women’s rights arose. Mott and Stanton organized the Seneca Falls Convention together in hopes of gaining the right to the vote. At the convention Lucretia Mott was one of the first to sign the Declaration of Sentiments in hopes of not just earning the vote many other freedoms as well. The document intended to give women the ability to live equally with men. Changing traditions of her past, Mott helped open a whole new window for women in America everywhere.
The Great Depression was the beginning of many future recessions and to make matters worse America would soon be plunged into another World War. This era was completely characterized by its low profits, high unemployment rate, deflation, and poverty. As World War II progressed the economy was beginning to reshape itself. By 1940 millions of men were drafted for war while women remaining in America were hired as factory workers. This created a myriad of jobs and new chances for struggling citizens while also helping with the economy.
As horrifying as the Great Depression was many changes, especially politically, occurred that began to further shape the country. Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the presidential election against Herbert Hoover in a landslide in 1932. The stock market crashed shortly after Hoover was elected, so it was not difficult for Roosevelt to win. America decided it was time for a new president with new ideals. Accordingly, F.D. Roosevelt passed the New Deal which altered the relationship between America and its government. To name just a few of his changes he was able to reorganize American banks to weed out the insufficient ones, have dams built along the Tennessee River, and end prohibition with the twenty-first amendment. Even with all of these changes and a Second New Deal it required our entry into World War II for us to be pulled out of the mire of the Great Depression.
While Europe’s chaos was disastrous, it proved to be beneficial towards the American economy. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 causing Roosevelt to sign a declaration of war on Japan. The weapon industry was one of America’s specialties and now that we were entered World War II due to Pearl Harbor, the United States could sell arms and weaponry to our allies. Profiting off of the war materials gave America enough money to end the Great Depression. As a result the gold inflow was stimulated and there were great signs of recovery. This catastrophic era shaped America into its present day nation that can persevere through anything.

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