The Stages of a Successful Presentation on Social Networks

Published: 2021-09-15 07:25:10
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Social networks are universes that for many remain obscure and for others are sources of absolutely prodigious interactions. In this space, are there then well-kept secrets that explain the success of a presence? How do some people manage to create a large audience? How do they manage to interact and attract thousands of followers to track their accounts?
Building a networkV.S. Naipaul, Nobel Prize in Literature wrote that “History is an interaction of different peoples, it has never been otherwise.” On social networks, the first force comes from the diversity of contacts and unlikely encounters. A network must be built on the unknown and must cultivate the audacity of the request for connection. We must dare to accept them to develop. There are no more beautiful encounters than those that were initially unthinkable. Social networks are made to connect. It is in the bilateral relationship that they give energy, make sense and explore new horizons. By breaking down borders, they create incredible opportunities.
To be attentive
A network is often a reflection of everyone’s character. It must develop by showing attention and kindness to others. Social networks are a reflection of a society that wants to break with isolation and lack of communication. They are the antithesis of these cities, so anonymous, that we know and which make that some do not know their neighbors! Social networks offer a multitude of ways to show interest in the importance of human relationships. Quickly, the interaction provokes the attraction and the relation. Social networks then become places where links are constantly strengthening. Expanding your network then facilitates networking by breaking the ice more quickly during a meeting. Abbé Pierre said that “a smile costs less than electricity but gives as much light”. No connection can be made without being attentive to others.
To be hard-hitting
Visibility on social networks generates a risk because everything is seen and recorded. Our lives are made of risks, opportunities, and choices. In between paths, some will always choose the route that seems the simplest and others will attempt complex parallel adventures without fearing the difficulty of the course. Robert Kennedy thought that “those who are willing to take the risk of a terrible defeat will have a tremendous victory”. On social networks, originality often pays and gives a head start. With hashtags, social networks have become the realm of indexing and keywords. As in databases, these words serve as beacons and can effectively guide to the destination. In these infinite turnouts, they are landmarks to use wisely.
Mastering the art of the title
Social networks are made of lightning, they must hit the spirits as quickly and as hard as possible to obtain virality. It is through the art of brevity that the force of impact is born. It is by being clear, being precise, and, if it works, by being repeated that a message is spreading. Social networks are made to transform the ephemeral into a series of successes without leaving time to savor a success to immediately propel themselves to another idea. The power of words is paramount on social networks because the message then develops through the links that are associated with it. A more complete communication which is often the final destination of the message will only be able to meet a readership if the door leading to it is correctly sized. 140 characters offer an incredible alchemy of possibilities.
Gnerating interaction
Jacques Chirac said that “a community recognizes itself as one of the most enterprising and inventive of its people” and social networks cultivate this art of emulation and the desire to move forward together. It is by building, animating and letting communities live that forces aggregate on social networks where the collective makes it stronger and more impactful. By provoking training effects, their nooks facilitate this reunion and team spirits. In these labyrinths, one must know how to identify those oasis areas where writings meet and move. In the profusion of ideas, in the perpetual seed, incredible effects can emerge and an almost perpetual interaction.
Gaining an advantage
Subscription on social networks is an important act and must have value. It is by the credibility of the contents and their interest that it is possible to give an advantage to its subscribers. Voltaire said that “those who cultivate on a fertile land have a great advantage over those who have cleared it”, so do not hesitate to offer ideas to those who follow you to make them want to come back and benefit from a competitive advantage. By being attentive to the trends, and by accompanying or creating these effects of pendulums that are the modes, it is possible to generate a permanent flow of ideas to convey because the innovation is born from the crossing of ideas.
Take care of your digital showcase
In just a few years social networks have become obligatory points of passage for the professional relationship. Before a meeting, most people will see the online profile of someone they do not know. Source of multiple interpretations, this showcase, of a new kind, must work and constantly improve. Yves Saint Laurent said that “When you feel good in a garment, anything can happen. A good garment is a passport to happiness. In this universe, where everything is seen, a neglected dress is to be avoided. Showing one’s skills, summarizing one’s career path correctly, slipping the right keywords, have become so many assets to be healed and the indispensable stuff one has to know how to wrap.
Showing its value
Expertise is the main element that distinguishes professionals from each other. Each one in his career accumulates skills and becomes more and more competent in his field. Being accompanied by the good formations, the enrichment is permanent. Yet, over time, some manage to progress faster than others by showing their abilities to take on new responsibilities. The digital world can accelerate the journey and a tailor-made profile can enhance the impression that is given to those who scrutinize it. Through publications, public interventions, active participation in think tanks, the paradigm can change and it is possible to enter a new dimension. David Cronenberg said, “The perception of a movie depends on the moment you see it.” A professional career is also played out depending on when the skills are revealed, you always have to know how to sell. On social networks, a recognized expert will be more visible than one who will remain invisible by not communicating.
Offering quality
Faced with the infobesity and the abundance of information, which is constantly being propagated at the speed of light, it is essential to awaken to multiple subjects and to show its ability to go further by accompanying debates. Francesco Alberoni thought that “the fact is that the qualities, all the qualities, demand a constant vigilance, a critical spirit never in default, a continual work of the intelligence and the heart”. Thus, on the social networks, where the rate of propagation of the messages continues to accelerate, each user must remain vigilant because the exposure is permanent and each misstep is revealed immediately. By quality content, through continuous learning, vigilance cannot be faulted.
Social networks are not a race but a long marathon of interactions. In this universe, one must be constant in one’s presence and interact with other actors. Maintaining one’s thread requires integration into this living world. Montaigne said that “friendship feeds communication.” On social networks, the threads weave permanently and maintain themselves not to distend or break. We must never forget that it is in the relationship with others that social networks take on their full meaning. You need to be able to build small enough foundations to facilitate the emergence of your most innovative ideas. On social networks, it is possible to build a long-term strategy by facilitating sharing.
On social networks, the secret of a successful presentation is discovered as and when his own experiences. Originality does not mean to be different or incomprehensible. To propel ideas, you must take your time and not create a pit because being too early will sometimes lead to misunderstanding. The discovery of certain secrets helps to accelerate and better understand the uses of these communities. The most important thing is probably never to forget that participating in ultra visibility requires permanent management of the risks it entails.

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