Character of Nick Carraway in "The Great Gatsby"

Published: 2021-09-12 14:10:09
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This story is about a man named Nick Carraway who lived in America in the 1920s. He moves to New York to become a bond trader. He finds himself living by a mansion which was occupied by a mysterious man named Gatsby.
Gatsby hosted wild parties with a lot of women and alcohol. When Nick arrived at party there were rumors that he was in the army or killed a man. The was no one at the party who knew how he became rich.Nick reunites with his cousin Daisy, a flirtatious young woman who is married to Tom, a rich businessman. However Nick found out about Tom’s affair with the mechanic’s wife, named Myrtle. Nick meets Daisy’s friend, Jordan, a young, professional golfer.
Nick finally meet Gatsby they become friends will talked. Gatsby revealed that he got his wealth from a yacht owner. It is also revealed that Gatsby new Daisy when they were younger, before he left for the Great War, and he is still in love with her. As well he secretly watches her from across the lake as Daisy lives there with Tom and their daughter. Gatsby and Daisy finally reunite in the house of Nike, the emotions comes over them, and they admit their love for one another.
Later the weather got hot so when they were all together Gatsby, Nick, Tom, Daisy, Jordan, switch cars and go into the city. They rent a room in a hotel where Tom finds out that Daisy wants to leave him, so Tom gets infuriated. Then Tom tells Daisy and Gatsby to drive back home in Gatsby’s car. Later Daisy was driving Gatsby’s car and accidentally hits Myrtle, instantly killing her. Daisy did not stop the car even though Gatsby tried to make her stop. When the rest of the group were going back, they saw a group of people in the road. Tom with everybody else stop to see what all the commotion, and that is when he saw Myrtle dead in the middle of the road.
The George was distraught, so Tom helped him to get to his office he told some guys to go watch over him. Tom went back outside and asked who hit her. Some people didn’t know who it was besides that it was a yellow car. Tom and Nick knew exactly who the owner of the car. When they all got back to Tom’s house Gatsby was in not there and Daisy was locked in her room. Tom called a taxi for Nick, while they said their goodbyes. Nick was waiting outside for his taxi, and he saw Gatsby behind a bush. Gatsby explained that Daisy was driving, but he would take the blame for her.
The next morning Nick went to see Gatsby, to make sure he was doing fine. Gatsby look tired but peaceful, when Nick was leaving Gatsby was getting ready to go swimming in his pool. When Nick was back in this house he heard a shot of a gun. Nick realized what had happened, Tom told the George that Gatsby ran over his wife. So the George took revenge into his hands and killed him.
The next day Nick starts to tell people that he thinks we’re close the Gatsby to go to Gatsby’s funeral, but only gets Gatsby’s dad and another guy to show up for the funeral. Nick little distraught and shook sells everything and move back to the Midwest. As well takes all the memories of the great Gatsby.

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