The Study of Women Entrepreneur in India

Published: 2021-09-05 03:55:14
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The study of women entrepreneur is based on two things i.e. development and women empowerment. Both factors play a prominent role in modern context of society. If these two factors are not considered then this will lead to big failure of our economy.
Chandigarh is known to be one of the well planned cities in India comprising the population of about 1,198,834 in the year 2017 as per the estimated data in which female constitutes 45% of the total population .It is one of the seven union territories of India serving Punjab and Haryana as their capital. The average literacy rate is 86.77% with male literacy of 90.81% and female literacy of 81.88%.The overall economic development counts on numerous ways. Human Resource is the most vital part of the country which is concerned with development of skills and competencies but one of the major impediments faced by Human Resource Management is that it neglects weaker sections of the society i.e. women .Women plays a crucial lead for the progression of the society and economy as well. As Gandhi ji rightly quoted “Women makes a generation, generation makes a society and society makes a nation”. From 70’s onwards women in India took initiative by establishing and commencing their new ventures. In this increasingly automated competitive world women are not restrained to homes only rather they also play an active role in various fields like teaching, medical, engineering, politics, and also as women entrepreneurs. Nowadays, women as entrepreneurs are giving tough competition to their male counterparts. Successful people win because they love what they do, they have a passion for their field and women entrepreneurs are the perfect example of this .Women started work in their field of interest like extending their kitchen activities towards professional front, mainly 3 P’s pickle, powder and pappad. With the passage of time and vast knowledge women are also participating in other sectors .Government of India has been taking numerous steps to encourage women to become entrepreneurs and this also contributes to the concept of women empowerment.
But still women taking initiative are not many. Even in urban areas women depend on their husbands financially. Her success is associated with the support of her family and it is difficult to maintain a balance between work and home. In our society man are mostly considered to be final decision takers of the family. In some ways this could affect the decision making capability of women. They also face other problems like shortage of capital, relocation, big unit competition, lack of in-depth knowledge, delay in getting loan etc. Most of the women give up due to family obligations. Marketing is also a challenge for women entrepreneur. As they have fewer contacts, they have to depend upon the middleman for sale. Lack of training facilities is the major constraint which hinders growth. Women also face religious misrepresentation .As religion dominates majority of areas in India.
What is entrepreneur?
In simple words women entrepreneur is that section of females who initiate something new and work on their own ideas in the field of manufacturing ,designing , job works etc according to the customer specifications because as we know customer is the king now a days. They are actually a risk taker and promote employment generation as well.
Most of the people have a misconception that the terms businessman and entrepreneur. Many people interpret them as same thing. Business works on unoriginal or secondary idea but entrepreneur works on their own ideas.
Primary Data:
Primary data is collected by interacting with women entrepreneurs in Chandigarh, panchkula and Mohali. They shared their experience of business with us. Mainly the data is collected and analyzed with the help of questionnaire filled by women.
Secondary Data:
The secondary data were collected from published books, journals, research papers, magazines, daily newspaper, internet and official statistical documents. The study is qualitative in nature.

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